Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Due to the strong support of Mars, you will be able to defeat the rivals, as well as get new and rewarding news in the workplace in the beginning of this month. There is a good time to start any new venture. However, Mercury may cause problems in your financial planning but you will gradually make progress and also stand to gain monetarily. Some personal problems seem to be creating a divide in your relationship due to the complex energy of South Node. Improving your habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle may help you to achieve your fitness goals. As the month advances, Saturn will make you able to get good results gradually. Jupiter is going to present varied options to increase your financial strength. Due to the restrictive influence of South Node, you may feel blocked in your love life around the mid of this month. Wait for the best time for love and let the few days pass where you might feel confused. The planets are in your favour and you will also remain motivated to perform well in your studies but you are going to face emotional up and downs which may affect your health to an extent. Mars may help you to get success and will also get a good chance to expand the base of business during the latter half. It may bring some good earning opportunities and likely to empower your financial fortune. But you may experience see-saw situations in you love life. To remain fit and fine, you need to relax so that stress level remains under control. As the month approaches its end, Venus may bring some wonderful opportunity for love or dating. Around the month end, Mercury is going to bring in ups and downs in your education. It will be essential for you to channelize your energy in right direction. Planet will be making harmonious aspects on your energy levels.