Taurus Monthly Horoscope

The month may begin with some disruptions as Mercury may bring some differences with your associates but the gradually it may bring a lot of energy. It will help you to improve your financial status. The combined impact of Venus and Mercury suggest that your positive attitude will help you attract your beloved. Your intuition will lead you to do the right things in your studies. As the month advances, Jupiter will bring some new opportunities your way. This phase is likely to be favorable for making some important moves particularly if you are doing business. The impact of planets indicates stable profits, including investments or passive income. Planets may force you to focus on improving your habits and switching to a healthier lifestyle. Mercury indicates that the latter half of this month can be the perfect time to really make a statement with your skills. However, you are likely to face some unexpected issues. So you need to stop thinking big and start dealing with some of the routine details. Mars can bring a turbulent phase in relationship. Gradually, you will see a shift towards holistic approach for physical and mental well-being. Jupiter will help you to get some opportunities for progress in your job or business during the latter part. But, rash decisions may land you in troubles, indicates Mars. Also, some stress related health problems cannot be avoided. Your studies may hamper as many other things happening in your life. Mercury indicates that the beginning of a new chapter in your career around the month end. If you are currently not involved in a relationship, there are good chances that Venus will bless you to find someone. The impact of Mars will inspire you to become more physically active. You will also have support of your luck in the matters related to your studies.