Virgo Monthly Horoscope

The beginning of this month will be much more favourable and you can expect to get some excellent opportunities for growth. The period will also help you to resolve some pending issues in your business and hence you may feel more ease to carry out your planning. Venus will remain favourable for your financial status. Jupiter may eventually bring very balanced impacts upon you and your relationship. Your physical and mental endurance will also remain good. As the month advances, Mercury may bring some good opportunities for progress. The financial situation looks satisfactory and there would also be some chances of financial gains around the mid of this month but Mars may bring somewhat complex combination mostly during the latter part of this month. Mars may also bring some problems in your personal life as well. Also, you may require hard and sustained efforts to get desired success in your studies. Your energy levels may get disturbed and you may have a lack of appetite; this may result in weakness. During the latter half of month, North Node is likely to bring some complex situations at your work place. But the auspicious impact of Venus indicates that your financial strength may increase gradually. There is a possibility of some problems in your love life due to misplaced emotions. In your studies, you are likely to step up your efforts and prove your talents. If you are suffering from any ailments, this phase will help you to recover fast. Around the end of this month, you will experience an entirely new energy and refreshment in yourself, suggests Mercury. You will make some really beneficial contacts during this period which are likely to help your business growth. This can be a good phase for your love life. There may be positive developments in your studies.