Aries Weekly Horoscope

Jupiter foretells you that your career should expand your horizon of thinking. It is important to learn new things and specialize in something you are passionate about. You can even turn your passion into business now. Though you cannot expect smooth sailing. You will be doing well but while making some bold moves there will be some losses that are not avoidable. You will need to think creatively to manage your finances and get through such loss. Saturn will force you to make a reality check at the beginning of this week as your beloved one will be making some pretty serious demand. Challenges of various sorts could come your way but spare time to chill out and regroup. This week, you are doing fine health-wise both mentally and physically but at times your erratic lifestyle may be affecting your energy levels. This week will be favorable to learn new skills and to add variety in your knowledge as the impact of Mercury will bring some mental stimulation. You may remain highly motivated which is likely to make a positive impact in educational matters.