Cancer Weekly Horoscope

You will actively participate in exams and games, but you must control your anger and aggression. You have to take your timetable and the daily routine you have established for yourself in relation to your schoolwork and the assignment very seriously. The married couple's relationship required attention, and they should make an effort to avoid being overly demanding, as this can lead to an increase in tensions within them. It is best for married couples to steer clear of arguments. If you don't watch what you spend, you could find yourself in a difficult financial situation. Developing a new business plan can result in expenses that were not anticipated. Rahu and Ketu suggest you avoid getting extravagant. The movement of Venus can bring about unexpected costs associated with your in-laws as well as the business you are currently engaged in. There will be a new coworker at the office, as well as a get-together with another company, and senior authority will be present at both of these events. You are going to get a good deal connected to the project that your company is working on, but before you make any significant choice, you need to conduct the appropriate verification.