Gemini Weekly Horoscope

This week, prioritising your health and maintaining a daily routine might help you to avoid health issues caused by work and travel. On the professional as well as the personal front, the analysis is going to be successful. Instead of beginning new projects, this week's priority is to finish up the work that's been piling up. As the Moon moves through its phases this week, it is recommended that you make an effort to strengthen your connection to the natural world. It is in your best interest not to dwell too deeply on your past failings because doing so can be harmful to your health. In a distant land, it's possible that some of you might have the chance. A career in the creative arts, media, or book publishing can bring the success you anticipate. Those of you who are in the wholesale business or who work as independent professionals might experience a sudden increase in workload. Students who put in a lot of effort and are dedicated to their studies might achieve the expected level of success. The Rahu movement indicates that you should concentrate rather than allow yourself to be distracted by the critical comments of your friends.