Explore the Use of 5 Variants Assorted Incense Dhoop Sticks with a Difference

Want a peaceful, fragrant, and positive environment for yourself? Why not? Everyone wants to have cheerful, positive surroundings, but it’s sad to know that the planets, stars, zodiac signs and their combinations with each other can disturb your whole life. And the same is true with the fragrance. The fragrance also plays an important role in boosting or hindering your energy levels at times. Some act as enhancers and others as demotivating ones.

5 Variant Assorted Incense Dhoop Sticks Set: The Astrological Significance

The reason is taken into consideration in Vedic Astrology. It is very well known that our body, mind, and soul are all affected by the planetary movements, stars, their combinations, and the position of the Ruler divinity. The same is the impact of smell also on anyone’s physical and spiritual needs. Due to this, the use of dhoop is in wide practice everywhere around the whole world. An aromatic environment is taken as one of the best ways to heal, cure and induce positivity in one body, mind, and soul.

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To make yourself comfortable in any place, lighting any of the proper variants of the 5 variant assorted incense dhoop sticks can open the doors to heaven of peaceful destiny. To get tranquillity and peace, let us know more about the 5 Variants of dhoop sticks first.

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5 Variant Assorted Incense Dhoop Sticks Set: The Core Essence Of Five Flavours

In the 5 Variant Assorted Incense Dhoop Sticks there are five beautiful and mystic flavours – Rose, Chandan, Mogra, Lavender, and Musk, which is a true and complete combination of pleasure.


Rose is known for its soothing fragrance, and charismatic nature. Playing an important role while offering prayers, its aroma is widely loved by people as it gives deep satisfaction when ignited at any place whether home or any other place. Its main motive is to deal with the negative impact of the planet Mars.


Chandan is known as wood powder, one of the auspicious pastes used to decorate gods in Hindus and other religions. It is also known for its soothing impact when applied to the body as a cooling and beauty mask. Its resin is used to make incense sticks and is one of the most effective fragrances that can take you to the deity and give you a peaceful mental state. It is used to pacify the planets that are in unfavourable positions or conjunction.


Mogra is considered as one of the most favourite flowers of Lord Krishna. Its aroma is refreshing and gives aesthetic pleasure. It is ignited to treat the malefic effects of the planet Venus. Hence, it brings love and affinity in life with prosperity.


Lavendar is one of the softest fragrances that gives a calm and soothing appeal. Its fragrance has a special appeal and creates a different atmosphere when used while offering prayers and develops a positive environment all around.


The mystical aroma of Musk is known to enhance the mood with its mesmerising fragrance. In its purest form gives immense pleasure and is known to purify the environment. It develops alertness in the mind and a perfect aroma while offering prayers.

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5 Variant Assorted Incense Dhoop Sticks Set: The Ending Note

The 5 Variant Assorted Incense Dhoop Sticks Set is all in one pack that can be used to relieve your stress and get relaxed. It is an easy and feasible remedy against the evil effects of planets and other astrological events. The various fragrances bring your mind to peace and enable you to enjoy a happy and prosperous life.

The soft and beautiful fragrances also help in attaining marital bliss. These 5 different fragrances, when used, lead you to the divine path of a peaceful, positive, relaxed thought process, helping you move positively in your bad phase of life.

One more way to keep your mind and body healthy is to be free of stress. Hence, in case you are going through any problems, talk to astrologers for the solution.

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