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Want That Earthy Yet Pleasant Aroma? Try Mantra Masala Incense Stick

What do we think when we hear the word incense? Fragrance, a smile comes to your face when you feel it. Incense is a strong, pleasant aromatic biotic material that releases fragrant smoke when the native material is burnt. Incense material is generally used either in the form of scent, perfume for personal use and in the form of incense stick for offering prayers or just keeping your house swinging with fragrance. 

They are generally used as simple decor deodorants or insect repellents. Talking about incense sticks, they are generally made up of aromatic natural herbs or essential oils. In Indian households, incense sticks are popularly used for offering prayers. But with the advent of modern and alternative therapy, this is also used for aromatherapy, meditation or auspicious function. Incense sticks spread the fragrance when they are lit directly by a flame and then fanned, leaving a glowing light that smudges and releases the smoky fragrance. The stick used for incense sticks is generally bamboo, and the secret paste contains the real incensing material. Mantra Masala Incense sticks are a type of incense stick that is used widely for offering prayers and used as home decor.

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