Mogra Incense Stick – A Divine Aroma

Indian is considered to be one of the most religious countries in the world. For us, the Indians, the day begins with performing daily prayers, and it ends by again praying to Almighty for the food, family, health and sound sleep that we have been blessed with. No doubt, the country has various religions, but common in one thing. Every religion has a defined way to pray to Lord. There are certain elements that no man or woman would like to miss before starting the prayer.

One of the pooja items that are common to all religions across the nation and even across the globe is the Incense stick. Whether Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian, all religions have incense stick as an important component used while offering prayers. There are numerous varieties of incense sticks available in the market. This article is about the significance of Mogra incense sticks used in Indian houses during any pooja.

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Mogra Incense Sticks – A Bunch of Aromatic Peace

The Hindu culture is a beautiful blend of multiple emotions and actions. One such emotion is that which is attached to God. And as we all know, the Hindu culture is also a staunch follower of Vedic astrology. According to Vedic astrology, every planet is ruled by some God. If the planet is happy and elated, the associated God shall bless the native with positive energy to make life successful and fulfil all the desires. But if the planet is weak or posited in an unfavourable position, then the associated God shall not be pleased with the native. This might result in difficulties, suffering and challenges.

Hence, to appease the Gods, people often perform Shanti Pooja. Any pooja is not considered complete without the major pooja items or samagri that is essential. Mogra Incense stick is also one of the essential pooja samagris.

The strong and beautiful fragrance that one can smell, once the Mogra incense stick is lighted, makes the mind calm and peaceful. It makes the entire place serene and elevates the divinity in the ambience. The aroma diluted in the smoke of the Mogra incense stick takes the people present at the place to the other world and get connected with God through meditation.

The Mogra incense stick acts as a carrier or messenger of prayers and wishes. By spreading the fumes of Mogra incense stick, the spectrum of the divine aura gets broadened. Not only do the people who are worshipping feel the positivity, but the neighbouring areas also receive the good vibes that are transmitted through the smell of Mogra incense.

The aroma of Mogra incense purifies the thoughts of the worshiper and others. This helps in pulling back a person from the wrong path to the divine road. The fragrance of the Mogra incense also induces positivity in the environment.

The Gods and Mogra Incense

Every God and Goddess has a favourite flower, and if the worshiper offers those flowers to the deity, it is assumed to make the God or Goddess happy. Mata Parvati and Lord Vishnu love Jasmine or Mogra flower. So, in order to please Goddess Parvati and Lord Vishnu, one should illuminate Mogra incense stick. By doing so, the Almighty will bless the worshiper with immense positivity and courage to face the obstacles of life.

Significance of Mogra Incense Stick

The fragrance of Mogra incense is unique and incomparable. Vedic astrology believes in five elements – Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Air. The Mogra incense is associated with the Earth element, and thus it blesses the native with positive energy related to Earth. It is also associated with the Muladhara Chakra present in our body.

The aroma of Mogra incense stick helps in relieving sleep disorders too. It also aids in recovering from depression and anxiety. It is also believed that lighting the Mogra incense stick burns the ego of the person into ashes and what is left behind is the humble and happy person. The lighting of Mogra incense stick also signifies the desire to sacrifice self to serve others, spread positivity all around and be an inspiration to others.

The Mogra incense has a healing and soothing effect on our nerves. It helps in elevating our mood and instils happiness. It wards off all the negative energy from the place and the mind of the people around.

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