Mogra Incense Stick – A Divine Aroma

Indian is considered to be one of the most religious countries in the world. For us, the Indians, the day begins with performing daily prayers, and it ends by again praying to Almighty for the food, family, health and sound sleep that we have been blessed with. No doubt, the country has various religions, but common in one thing. Every religion has a defined way to pray to Lord. There are certain elements that no man or woman would like to miss before starting the prayer.

One of the pooja items that are common to all religions across the nation and even across the globe is the Incense stick. Whether Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian, all religions have incense stick as an important component used while offering prayers. There are numerous varieties of incense sticks available in the market. This article is about the significance of Mogra incense sticks used in Indian houses during any pooja.

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Mogra Incense Sticks – A Bunch of Aromatic Peace

The Gods and Mogra Incense

Significance of Mogra Incense Stick

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