Roselin Dhoop: Feel the Rose Flower Blooming Around You

Are you stuck with negativity? Facing issues and looking for a calm and serene place to meditate and rejuvenate? Then wouldn’t you like to enter a place that is filled with beautifully scented aroma? The fragrance of fresh flowers always tickles the nerves of all of us. And if this smell becomes the carrier of positivity, then who wouldn’t want to have it every day, isn’t it?

Dhoop sticks are an essential part of any sort of pooja ritual. Whether the pooja is to please Mahadeva or Vishnu or Mata Rani or to pacify any planet, the pooja samagri will certainly include the name of Dhoop besides the other items like wicks, Kumkum, haldi, Akshat, Chandan, moli, geneyu and incense sticks.

There are a variety of Dhoop sticks available in the market. But people often prefer to have that dhoop that has a mild and mystic smell like that of Roselin Dhoop. So, let’s dive in to know more about Roselin Dhoop.

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The Ending Note!

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