Astrological Reasons for Marriage Delay & Effective Remedies

Delay In Marriage? 7 Awesome Marriage Remedies You Should Try

Marriage is considered the highest duty of the Hindu religion. Everyone knows that marriage is the most sacred and important event in life. It has special significance in Indian society and in Vedic astrology too. In earlier times, it was a very different scenario for marriage. But since the 20th century, all things have changed in regard to marriage. There are delays in weddings, and the age of marriage is increasing day by day. Can astrology play any role?

Yes, in Astrology, there are some indications that clearly show the reason and factors causing a delay in the marriage. It is best to know the reason and do suitable remedies to get out of it rather than building the stress of getting the right partner. Many of us are facing problems related to the delay in marriage. If you are one of them, this blog is just for you. So, without ado, let’s first determine the reasons for the delay in marriage; later, we will delve into the remedies to overcome it. Here are some important reasons which cause a delay in marriage.

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Astrological Reasons for Delay in Marriage

Effective Remedies to Overcome Delay in Marriage

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