What Is Navamsa Chart In Astrology?

Vedic astrology imparts knowledge to people about their past, present and future as well. In astrology, this study is based on the Kundli, also known as the horoscope or natal chart. It is the position of the stars and planets at the time of the birth of a particular person. One more such kind of chart is the Navamsa Chart, which is the most important one after the natal chart of the native.

Navamsa in astrology signifies nine divisions of a native’s Rashi, where Nava means nine, and Asma means division. With the help of navamsa chart reading along with the birth chart reading, the expert astrologers can help the native get a great deal of knowledge about the past karmas, scope on the present and expected challenges in the future. Before getting into the intricacies of the navamsa chart predictions, let’s get a hand over Navamsa chart calculator and some other basic details.

There are ruling lords of the navamsa house. The 1st, 4th and 7th Navasam’s lord is Deva. The lord for the 2nd, 5th and 8th navamsa is the Nara. The 3rd, 6th and 9th navamsa lord is Rakshasa.

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Navasma Chart – Its Meaning and Interpretation

The Navamsa is one of the Vargas in the birth chart. It shows the relationship between the planets, houses and signs with greater precision and detail. The navamsa chart is also known as the D9 chart in Vedic astrology. The Vargas chart is most often used in making predictions for marriages and the general destiny of a person. In a navamsa chart interpretation, there are signs with 30 degrees that are divided into nine parts. All the expert astrologers emphasise a lot on navamsa chart reading, analysis and predictions for a native.

The first house in the navamsa chart is the Ascendant Lord and is known as the Navamsa Lagna. Suppose Aries is the Navamsa Lagna, which is ruled by Mars. So, Mars can be called the Navamsa Lagna Lord. This is how astrologers identify the Navamsa Lagna Lord. It is essential to identify the Navamsa Lagna Lord for further Navasma chart reading and prediction.

According to Vedic astrology, Nakshatra pada has a significant impact on the life of the native. One Nakshatra Pada is equivalent to each Navamsa. The Father of Modern Astrology, Maharishi Parasara, has given a lot of importance to the divisional chart and has emphasised the use of the D9 chart in making predictions for a native.

The navamsa chart informs about the strengths and weaknesses of the native. It makes predictions about the potential and scope of the native. The ninth division, or the Navamsa, signifies the fortune of the native. In some cases, the native is blessed with multiple exalted planets, yet he/she is unable to get any positive result in life. This is because the planets that are exalted in their own sign are found o be debilitated in the Navamsa or the D9 chart. The vice-versa is also a classic scene in many lives when planets don’t have a favourable position, yet the natives do well. This is the reason the navamsa chart analysis and reading is inevitable, and it is also known as the spinal cord of the natal chart of the native.

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Navasma Chart Calculator

As mentioned, it has 30 degrees, which means, in order to calculate the Navamsa, 30 degrees should be divided by 9, as there would be nine divisions or parts of each sign. The final answer would be 3 degrees and 20 minutes since there are 12 signs and 9 asmas. So, the total Navasmas would be 12 x 9, that is 108 Navamsa.

Let’s understand the navamsa chart calculation with an example. Let us assume that when Ram was born, the ascendant lord was Aries. And the ascendant degree was 10. The Aries sign would be divided into nine parts to get the Navamsa. We already know now that each part would be 3 degrees and 20 minutes. So, the first 3 degrees and 20 min section would be the Navasma Aries itself, the owner or the lord. The next would be 6 degrees, and 40 minutes would be the Tauras. And this would be followed by the Gemini at 10 degrees. This calculation would go on till the 12 signs are covered in the navamsa chart. But the Gemini would be the Navamsa Lagna because Ram’s Ascendant degree was 10.

But it’s not necessary to get the navamsa chart calculator or to do it manually. There are many options for navamsa chart calculators online. They can also help in making navamsa chart reading and predictions online. One can also get the Navamsa Kundli free online at any genuine and authentic platform.

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Significance Of Navasma Chart

Each sign has its own divisions. Now, the sign that holds the Navamsa Lagna is important and is called the Lagnamsa. The d9 chart is a reflection of past karmic activities. The four kinds of this chart play a significant role in the Dharma of the native. The 1st, 5th and 9th house or the Trikone reflect the potential or abilities of the native. If the native strengthens these houses, it will help in enhancing the fortune and good karma. It will also improve the financial status of the natives as the Trikone is the position of Goddess Laxmi too.

When a planet occupies the same sign in the birth chart as well as the Nava Sama chart, it forms the Vargottam Navamsa. This is very beneficial, and the lord of the ascendant will influence and bless the natives in such a way that he will be super-successful. When a planet is placed in the auspicious Pushkar Amsa, which is 3 degrees and 20 min in each sign, then the Pushkar Navamsa is formed. There are 24 Pushkar navamsa in total. It has a benefic impact on the native.

When the Atmakarka is placed in a particular sign of the Namasa chart, it forms the Karakamsha Lagna in the chart.

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The Navasma Chart and Predictions

Navamsa chart plays the most significant role in the prediction about the marriage of the native. With the navamsa kundalini and by analysing the navamsa chart, one can get to know the characteristics of the spouse, and the kind of marriage they would have. If there are any chances of problems in the marriage, there could be remedies suggested by the astrologer on the basis of navamsa Kundli analysis.

The astrologer would analyse the Navamsha Ascendant, the Dasha Lord, the Karakas, and the Bhukti Lord, in the navamsa chart. The exalted position of the navamsa ascendant reflects that the spouse would be a person with good character and strong moral values. The strong ascendant means early and good marriage in the native’s life. The weak ascendant would delay the marriage and may pose challenges in married life too.

If the sun is posited in the 7th house of navamsa, the spouse would be egoistic and self-obsessed but a nice person. With the moon in the 7th house, the partner would be fair and attractive. Mars shows an aggressive spouse. Mercury reflects over a jovial partner, and Jupiter makes you marry an educated person. With Venus, the partner would be creative and attractive. If you have Saturn in the 7th house, you can expect a strict disciplinarian spouse. Rahu makes it difficult in marriage, and Ketu makes you a technically smart person.

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Ending Note

Navcam chart and navamsa kundali are used to get in-depth knowledge about a person’s life. When the Lagna chart fails to predict or analyse the reason for any event, the navamsa chart comes to help. Navamsa chart analysis and predictions are more accurate. It has many smaller divisions in each sign that helps in diving into deeper details of each sphere of life, especially marriage. With the Lagna chart and navamsa chart together, one can know more about life and be prepared well for the future.?

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