Bhakut Dosh: Astrological Remedies For a Healthy, Happy and Stable Relationship

Bhakoot plays a vital role during the birth chart matchmaking of a boy and a girl. It has been believed that Bhakoot Dosh is among one the defects in horoscopes that create hurdles in marriage. Bhakut in Kundli might create problems in marriage and married life as well. Bhakoot can be found during the matchmaking process. Bhakoot consists of a total of 7 points. Bhakoot in astrology is grounded on the Moon Sign. If you are looking for matchmaking through the birth chart, Ashtakoot Guna Milan becomes vital.

In addition to Bhakut meaning, Bhakut is located at the 2nd position at the top and 7th place from the bottom. According to Guna Milan norms, ‘Gunas’ in horoscopes do the job of matching the nuptial horoscope of a boy and a girl. Bhakoot Dosh harms married life and hence, it is very important to find out the Bhakut Dosh Nivaran for a happy and successful married life.

Bhakut in Kundli shows the compatibility of the couple during matchmaking for marriage. Bhakut shows a sense of stability, mutual understanding, good health, contentment, endurance, and prosperity for a happy and successful married life. According to Bhakut, the Moon is the ruler of all Rashis and affects the emotions like love, affection, and romance in the person’s horoscope.

The presence of Bhakut Dosh in Kundli might disturb the life of a married couple. Low chances of fertility, pregnancy, trouble in conceiving, and late pregnancies are some of the adverse Bhakoot dosha effects that might disturb the life of a couple.


Types of Bhakoot Dosh and Its Impact on Married Life

Undesirable Impact of Bhakoot Dosha in Married Life

Effective Remedies to Eliminate Bhakut Dosh in Kundali

Cancellation of Dosha during Match Making Before Marriage


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