Impact of Guru Chandal Yog & Remedies For Dosha in the Birth Chart

According to Vedic Astrology, the combination of Jupiter with the malefic planets like Rahu or Ketu is termed, Chandal Dosh. This dosh is popularly known as Guru Chandal Dosh. Planet Jupiter is known as Guru and plays a significant part in this yoga. Though this dosha along with the presence of Rahu or Ketu might be harmful to an Individual. But somewhere it has been found that the combination of malefic planets along with Jupiter shows beneficial effects in the birth chart.

In the Sanskrit planet, Jupiter is known as Guru, and Chandal means demon. Therefore it is termed, Guru Chandal Dosh. Due to the planet Jupiter, this dosha is formed in the horoscope. The unification of Jupiter with Ketu is considered auspicious and is also known as “Ganesh Yoga”.

The unification of malefic planets with Jupiter can make an individual involved in disreputable, wrong, and debauched actions. The person might be shady and temperament. He or she might face various problems in different phases during the lifespan. If Jupiter is placed in the 7th house of the birth chart, an individual might face issues in terms of career, marriage, and other complications.

Common Traits of Jupiter, Ketu and Rahu in Horoscope

Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet. A person will be generous, copious, mystical, social activist, and prosperous if Jupiter seems strong in horoscopes. If Jupiter is strong in the birth chart then the person might be a good administrator or leader.

If Jupiter is strong in the birth chart of a female then the lady would be a good mother, life partner, a sensible daughter-in-law, and a guide too.

A malefic planet like Rahu might make an individual a sensual and self-absorbed human being. If the individual is female then she would be spirited and dynamic. In general, if Rahu is located in the birth chart of a female, the lady would lead a lavish lifestyle. Though being in a relationship, she might get lured by the opposite gender.

The presence of Ketu in the birth chart can make a female very strong, self-dependent, and liberated. They might go through separation if they are married or unfortunately, they have to lead a life of widowhood. While you will find male individuals mystical and deep thinkers. They are likely to get fascinated by married women and widows.

Things To Know About Guru Chandal Yog

  • According to Vedic Astrology, the unification of Guru and Rahu is not good.
  • The ill effects and benefits of Guru Chandal Dosha depend on the location and power of Jupiter.
  • The locations of Jupiter and Rahu in dissimilar houses might affect the Chandal Dosh.
  • Though the effect of Guru Chandal Dosh is severe, the impact of other planets might affect this dosha both optimistically or destructively.

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Effects of Guru Chandal Dosh in the Natal Chart

Below are given the effects and circumstances which cause Guru Chandal Dosh in the horoscope:

  1. The combination of Jupiter with Rahu or Guru Ketu Chandal Yog creates problems in career and educational life.
  2. An individual might lose their job.
  3. The presence of Guru Rahu Chandal Yog or Ketu with Jupiter can create difficult situations regarding important and independent conclusions.
  4. An individual might face poverty and fiscal issues in life.
  5. The presence of Guru Chandal Dosh in the birth chart may cause disagreement and arguments among family members. Even nature and behavioural differences may cause distance between the father and son.
  6. Severe medical conditions such as asthma, jaundice, hypertension, tumours, digestive issues, damaged liver and various other chronic ailments are caused by the presence of Guru Chandal Dosh.
  7. Hasty decisions might bring misfortune and negative vibes in life. A wrong step can entice danger in life.
  8. The stubborn and independent attitude makes the conditions worse for others. Most often it becomes difficult to work with others.
  9. If Guru Chandal Dosh is complex in the natal chart then the individual might face humiliation and might go to jail for a longer period.
  10. The person might face wealth and ancestral property issues.
  11. Though the individual might know everything or still lacks expertise in a particular field.
  12. Due to the presence of Guru Chandal Dosh, the person can get attracted to illegal and mischievous activities.

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Consequences of Guru Chandal Dosh in the different houses

1st House

The presence of Guru Chandal Yog in the 1st house or Ascendant might create a question on the image or personality of the person. Though the person would be lucky in terms of prosperity and richness, he or she might be avaricious and egocentric by nature. The native may or may not have any interest in sanctity. Conversely, if Jupiter is powerful, the person would be polite and prudent.

2nd House

If Jupiter is strong in the 2nd house, it is beneficial for natives. It can make a person successful, rich, and prosperous. If Jupiter is weak in the natal chart, then a person might face issues with family members. Monetary loss, disagreements, and clashes can create stress and pressure in life.

3rd House

The presence of Guru Chandal Yog in the 3rd house is considered auspicious as per Vedic Astrology. The native will be a skilled leader and an audacious personality by nature. The individual will be opinionated, honest, and frank if Jupiter is found afflicted by Mars.

4th House

If the birth chart shows the presence of this Dosha in the 4th house, the native possesses a house and other property. If Jupiter is weak, then you might face issues related to family and wellness.

5th House

Planets have adverse effects on our life. If Jupiter is influential in the 5th house, the individual will be wise, cultured, and sophisticated. He or she will be blessed with a bright future and successful children. If malefic Jupiter is located in the 5th house, then the native might have to deal with problems related to children.

6th House

The location of weak Jupiter in the 6th house might have a tough family life. The powerful Jupiter in the 6th house can make the native wealthy and successful.

7th House

Guru Chandal Dosha can affect married life if the dosha is located in the 7th house. The natives might suffer more in married life if the planets do not have a beneficial impact.

8th House

Unexpected incidents such as accidents, injuries, and operations might happen if Jupiter is found malefic in the birth chart. Rahu Mahadash can have severe effects on the life of an individual.

9th House

If Jupiter possesses strong traits in the 9th house, the individual will be benefited from expected wealth. The native might face relationship issues with the father due to the presence of malefic Jupiter in the house. Even he/she might not be very successful in terms of career.

10th House

The native will have different aspects towards life and will enjoy success in career and business as well. The native would live a prosperous life.

11th House

This dosha is found auspicious if it is located in the 11th house of the birth chart. The person will earn money from different sources. The individual might earn money through hard work and ancestral property as well.

12th House

The individual would have his thoughts regarding caste, culture, and religion. He/she might oppose their own family.

Effective Remedies for Reducing Guru Chandal Yog

Various effective methods are available to deal with the ill effects of Guru Chandal Dosha. Below are given the best remedies that can lessen the negative impact of this dosha on the natal chart.

  1. Ask an expert to perform Guru Chandal Yog Nivaran Puja. The rituals should be done to lessen the effect of this Dosha.
  2. Pray Lord Vishnu for reducing the ill effect of Guru Chandal Yog.
  3. Mukhi Rudraksha mala defuse the negative impact of malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, and Guru.
  4. Perform rituals like Havans to heal the effect of Jupiter in the birth chart.
  5. Worship Lord Ganesh every day for eliminating the effect of Chandal Yog in Kundali
  6. Precious stones like yellow sapphire with gold can lessen the effect of Guru Chandal Dosh in Kundali. Though, you should ask an expert astrologer before wearing this gemstone.
  7. Respect your elderly parents, teachers, guru, saints, parents-in-law, and others.
  8. The yellow colour symbolizes the planet Jupiter. Donate yellow-coloured clothes, goods, honey, and turmeric to Brahmins to lessen the negative effect of Jupiter, Ketu, and Rahu.
  9. Feed birds and animals and worship Goddess Baglamukhi every day.

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Chandal Yog Nivaran Mantra

Reciting Guru Chandal Dosha Mantra might help you in leading a better and more peaceful life. The natives can exclude the effect of Dosha by chanting the below mantra every day:

Guru Ketu Chandal Yog Mantra: “Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Ketuve Namah”
Guru Rahu Chandal Yog Mantra: “Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah”
Jupiter: “Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah”

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Nearly 10% of natives suffer from Guru Chandal Yog in their natal chart. According to Vedic Astrologers, the placement of the Moon and ascendant should be evaluated to know the adverse effect of this Dosha. The unification of Jupiter along with Rahu and Ketu might not harm if the horoscope shows a positive indication of Mahadasha.

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