Reasons And Effects of Pitra Dosh in The Kundli

According to Astrology, dosha in horoscopes might be sometimes destructive and obstructive. And one among them is Pitra Dosh. Pitra Dosh in birth horoscopes can create serious problems in the life of an individual. It has been believed that Pitra Dosh in kundali is caused by a curse from ancestors. As per sayings, it is a kind of karmic liability of our forefathers. The effects of Dosha are different for every individual.

The presence of malefic planets and their combinations in the birth chart reflects Pitra Dosh in Kundli. The deeds or sins committed by the ancestors form Pitru dosh in the birth chart of an individual. He/she is answerable for their wrong deeds. The occurrence of Pitra Dosh might cause unpredictable and sudden ups and downs in life. The person might face mental disability, fiscal issues, and other problems due to Pitru Dosh in Kundli.

According to Puranas, Shraadh is regarded as one of the religious rituals for the Hindus. On the day of Shradh, prayers are held for ancestors, and food is offered to the souls. As mentioned in Brahma Purana, souls are liberated by the Lord of death “Yamraj” during Shradh. Shradh falls in the Aswin month during Krishna paksha. Unexpected deaths are one of the main causes of Pitru Dosha in Kundli.

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