The Effects of Shani Dosha And Its Remedies

In astrology, Saturn is the provider of hard work, sorrows, restrictions, hardships and delays. It always demands hard work from an individual, and if he or she works in that manner, they may get rewarded. The ringed planet Saturn may delay your success for a long time. So, it is the one who is responsible for the formation of Shani dosha. And we guess this is why native fears their association and placement. It is also a slow-moving planet, which can create problems for a longer time. The lord of rings, Saturn, rules over Capricorn and Aquarius signs. It gets exalted in the Libra sign and becomes debilitated in the Aries sign. Now, moving on, let us shed more light on the effects of Shani Dosh.

Formation And Effects Of Shani Dosh

If the individual has weak Saturn in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house, then Shani dosha is formed in their Kundli. Also, if Saturn is in the 8th or 12th house of Cancer, Aries, Leo or Scorpio, it creates Shani dosh. Moreover, if Saturn is retrograde in these houses, Shani dosha comes into effect. Saturn sitting in the house of ascendant or house of marriage may only create obstructions, delays and failure in the relationship.

Below are the effects of Shani dosha, which you should make a note of

  • You may have multiple failures in their professional life
  • You may fall short of your business success, and you may not achieve the desired profit.
  • You may deal with more financial woes
  • You may not achieve career growth and you may enter a depressed state.
  • If Saturn is in the marriage house, you may not have a happy married life
  • You may also have relationship issues.
  • You may indulge in illegal affairs and may approach the court to resolve the matter

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Shani Dosha Remedies

Below are the best remedies for Shani dosha to get rid of its malefic effects

  • Start wearing black or dark blue clothes every Saturday.
  • Visit Lord Hanuman or Lord Shani Dev’s temple.
  • Tie some black sesame seeds in a black piece of cloth and dip it in sesame oil and placed it on the earthen lamp.
  • Chant Hanuman in the morning on a daily basis
  • Recite Sunderkand or Shani Kavach every Saturday
  • Donate food items to beggars outside of Lord Hanuman temple
  • Always help the poor and needy people
  • Don’t consume Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Avoid Non-Veg food on Tuesday and Saturday
    Always do the right karma to make Shani Dev happy

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Wrapping Up

Shani dosha is all about dealing with difficulties in your life. And that is why it is necessary to check about its placement and conjunction with other planets. Shani Dosha may bring issues in your professional life and love relationship. Those who are dealing with Shani dosha must follow the above-mentioned remedies to reduce its negative impacts. I hope you have a pleasant time reading this.

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