All About 36 Gunas Matching For Marriage – Kundli Match Making

Ever heard about a scenario in which the families are ultra conscious about Gunas matching of their daughter or son? Well no more suspense. Time to speak about ‘What are 36 Gunas and what are their impacts? And much more


Contrary to popular belief, opposites do attract, but does this also extend to humans? What if there’s a commotion in the afterlife? Life isn’t always a happy place. The horoscope often defines the personality of the individual, his or her likes and dislikes, social skills, and the way he or she acts.

Marriage is regarded as a birth relationship in Indian culture. To ensure compatibility between the prospective bride and groom, another option is to fit their home. After marriage, couples have an impact on each other, and their horoscopes have a cumulative effect on their future. Once they are married, their Kundli has an effect on their future and life cycle for the rest of their lives.

The Total Of All Types Of 36 Gunas

Compatibility matching is the process of combining the horoscopes of two individuals and measuring the outcome based on their Gunas.

A score of 18 out of 36 is considered average, and a score of 28 is considered satisfactory. Make sure you should get at least 18 points when you enter the horoscope.

Pulse deficit occurs when the bride and groom have the same pulse. If both parents have a middle pulse, for example, this may cause complications during childbirth. In this scenario, the chances of having a child with some issues are possible because the blood group has a direct relationship with the couple involved.

This is a topic of more in-depth knowledge. Its accuracy, however, cannot be doubted. For e.g., if the girl is a dog cunt (dog-dog) and the boy is a manger cunt (manger-cat), the girl will always dominate the boy in such a situation. The essence of the dog cat can be used to make this prediction.

Mangal Dosh is taken seriously by astrologers all over India while mixing horoscopes. The zodiac sign, i.e. the Moon sign, should be correctly aligned, and its position should be considered when adding the horoscope. When it comes to adding the horoscope, the Lagna is equally important.

The effect of one horoscope is compared to the effect of another horoscope in a composite table. For example, if the bride’s ascendant is Libra and the groom’s Capricorn is not, there should be no marital partnership since they are both of the same social class. As a result, there will be disagreements and conflicts between the two. If the groom’s ascendant is Libra and the groom’s ascendant is Aquarius, their life will be very happy because they share the same aspect in their zodiac sign package.

In the second scenario, if the groom runs his own business and Rahu and Shani impact the groom’s third home, the groom will have to lose money after the marriage.
The wife, as well as the bride’s Venus, should be in a favourable place for mutual physical attraction. If they’re in a triangle, that’s good; if they’re in the centre, that’s a sign of love tension. Similarly, for the pair to have a normal relationship and a strong bond, the lords of the seventh house in both horoscopes should have a successful relationship.

As a result, there is a long list of harmonizing relationships that may take some time to gain popularity among other Indian astrologers for horoscope matching. We must say that horoscope matching can be much more accurate and reliable.

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Muhurta's Importance

For the bride and groom, the auspicious time of marriage is just as important as the horoscope combination for a happy married life. If the planets’ motions are off, or if they are influencing the Lagna or the Muhurta’s seventh house, or if the moon is afflicted at the time of marriage, happiness gets diminished. Hence, Muhurta is a Hindu practice that is done all over India. Faith in the Astrological world in order to leave a satisfactory life ahead.

Kundali Matching -Types of Gunas

Marriages in India, especially among Hindus, are still conducted according to customary customs, taking into account the 36 Gunas or characteristics. It’s a tradition that dates back to the dawn of time. The number of Gunas that are matched in the Kundalis of two people is used to determine if their marriage will be fruitful or not. Below is a list of the 36 Gunas that are compared in the marriage. There are eight different groups in which these Gunas can be found. Each category is graded on a scale of eight to zero, with eight being the highest and zero being the lowest.

In general, the process of combining the horoscope in North and South India is similar. In South India, some things are still a little different. In North and South India, eight key items are seen in a similar way when mixing the horoscope. The following are the details.

  • Varna (1 Point)
  • Vaishya (2 Points)
  • Deena or Tara (3 Points)
  • Yoni is number four (4 Points)
  • Maitri is number five (5 Points)
  • Gana (6 Points)
  • Bhakoot is a form of bhakoot (7 points)
  • Nadi is number eight (8 Points)

Nadi is number eight (8 Points)

Nadi (8 Points): Of all the categories, Naadi is the most significant since it is said to decide a couple’s ability to have children. The city of Nadi is divided into three sections: Antya, Madhya, and Adhya. It is deemed an unsuitable match if the couple has the same Nadi.

Bhakoot is a form of bhakoot (7 points)

Bhakoot (7 points): This group receives a total of 7 points. Bhakoot denotes a couple’s romantic connection, awareness, and connection. The higher the points earned by the partners, the more comparable they are.

Gana (6 Points)

DEV, Rakshas, and Manav are the three Ganas, and all human beings belong to one of them. The fundamental nature of an organism is represented by these Ganas. Points are awarded based on how these Ganas are combined. If the couple’s match is rakshas-dev, the marriage is likely to fail.
Maitri is number five (5 Points)

Maitri (5 Points): As the name implies, this is a sign of the couple’s friendly relationship as well as their shared interests and preferences. While a score of 5 indicates the best match, a score of 0 indicates an unsuitable match.

Yoni is number four (4 Points)

Yoni (4 Points): This group reflects the two individuals’ sexual compatibility.

Deena or Tara (3 Points)

Tara or Deena (3 points): This is a crucial group since it denotes the likelihood of widowhood and longevity. It is not considered successful if the match in this category is 0.
Vaishya (2 Points)

Vaishya (2 Points): This type denotes mutual affection and love. If the couple receives two points, they will be overjoyed.

Varna (1 Point)

Varna (1 point): This group contrasts the two based on the essence of their employment. Matchmaking is a Hindu practice and an important part of the wedding process. However, marriage is not only dependent on the Gunas; there are a number of other factors that influence married life.

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Final Thoughts

When all variables are taken into account, horoscope matching becomes more accurate and useful. Along with horoscope matching, a thorough description of the information is needed in order for the prediction to be accurate. This helps to avoid big marital setbacks. In Indian culture, horoscope matching is very popular. Since the horoscope explores the ratio of a couple’s matching attributes, this is most likely one of the key factors for the long Indian marital existence.

It is a common misconception that horoscope matching is only needed for family weddings. This law is also applicable to love marriages. It forecasts the relationship’s duration and takes into account variables that people overlook while they are engrossed in love. With the passage of time, horoscope matching has become more common in love marriages, especially among the bride’s parents.

Hey peeps, hope you got an clear picture and understanding about, what are the 36 Gunas. Next time someone asks you about it, just give them a quick dose of your understanding in your own unique way.

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