Saturn Mahadasha – Shani is Ready to Make You Work Hardest!

Saturn Mahadasha is observed when the planet Saturn is in an unfavorable position in the horoscope of a person. This is a long period of 19 years which gives numerous trials and tribulations to the native. The Mahadasha of Saturn is similar to Sade Sati but with extended time and more pain and suffering for the native.

Vedic astrology considers every planet, including the Sun and the Moon, to have certain energy and potential that exerts a positive and negative impact on people’s lives. Astrology has also segregated the planets as malefic and benefic by nature. And when a malefic planet takes an inauspicious or unfavourable position, the results can be disastrous for the native who goes through this phase.

The placement of planets or their combinations in the houses of the kundli is known as the dasha. Every planet has its own period of antardasha and mahadasha. Based on the position of the planets during the antardasha or mahadasha, the planet gives positive or negative results to the native. All these dashas are a part of the Vimshotarri Dasha Cycle that takes around 120 years to complete the dashas of all the nine planets. Each planet has its own time; some take less time while others take longer to complete the phase.

This article is dedicated to one such dasha of the planet Saturn. It is about the Saturn Mahadasha. We are going to do the Saturn Mahadasha analysis and understand the Saturn mahadasha effects and experience. We will also come to know about the Mahadasha of Saturn with Rahu, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Ketu, Mars and Sun antardasha. But before all that, let’s understand the significance of Saturn in astrology and why people fear Shani dev the most.

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The Rigid Master – Saturn

Saturn is a planet that gives goose-bumps to all people, especially Hindus. It is considered to be the planet that is responsible for bringing us back on the righteous path. The strict teacher punishes people for all the wrong deeds they have done in the past life. Saturn is the harbinger of sorrows and grievances. It throws various challenges to the native, and no realm of life is left untouched by the malefic influence of austere Saturn.

Saturn is a non-biased planet that keeps an account of all the good and bad karmas and treats us according to this ledger, no matter how rich or poor you are. Saturn takes away all that the native has, all the wealth, health, peace, relationship, growth, or anything and everything in the most disastrous form. It is the slowest moving planet. Hence, its effect is felt with greater intensity for a longer period of time.

But when Saturn leaves the native, it transforms them completely. All the hardships that the person goes through teaches them the lessons for life. The native becomes more enlightened and aware. He becomes cautious before taking any wrong action and gets inclined towards spiritual acts. The person gets involved in good work and learns to respect others without being judgemental or biased. Saturn makes a person humble and grounded. It teaches us to remain patient and tolerant in all situations and keep working hard without the desire for fruit.

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The Saturn Mahadasha – Analysis

By understanding the nature of Saturn, it becomes clear that the Saturn Mahadasha analysis is not going to be easy for anyone. Though Saturn is friendly with certain planets and doesn’t do much harm when it combines with those planets, the heat is still felt on lower intensity, and delays are part of life in that case.

The Saturn mahadasha is observed when the planet Saturn is posited in some unfavourable position in the horoscope of a native. It gets started after the end of the Jupiter Mahadasha, after 16 years. The Saturn Mahadasha is a long period of 19 years that gives numerous trials and tribulations to the native. The Shani Sade Sati is also one of Saturn’s dasha that runs for a period of 7 ½ years, and the native goes through hell during that phase. Saturn Mahadasha is similar to the sade sati but with extended time and greater suffering and pain for the native.

During the Saturn Mahadasha, the native has to work harder than ever to make ends meet. They have to suffer a huge loss in personal and professional life. The native may have to face separation from family and may lose some loved ones too. Saturn Mahadasha is one of the most difficult phases of life where the native has to face health issues and financial loss. There is no aspect of life that the Shani Dev leaves unaffected. The entire family goes through a difficult time when Saturn Mahadasha occurs in the life of a person. The chances of unexpected accidents and untimely death also haunt the native.

But when the Saturn Mahdasha experience comes to an end, it makes the native a better human. The native knows that he will have to pay for his wrong deeds, so he becomes conscious of his actions and does what is right and wise. The hard work pays off, and the person gains a respectable position in society. The native also gains immense wealth and regains the lost health, too, with time. The person becomes more knowledgeable and wiser.

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Positive and Negative Effects of Saturn Mahadasha

People have always known the result of the negative effects of Saturn Mahadasha because they are afraid of facing the difficulties and challenges that the Shani Dev poses. But not many of them know that Saturn can give positive results too if the position is auspicious and favourable.

The positive effects of Saturn Mahadasha are as follows:

  • It builds the character of the person in the right way.
  • It showers immense wealth and success in all endeavours to the native.
  • The social status of the person reaches the height of the sky.
  • Sometimes, in the best phase of the Saturn Mahadasha experience, the native might taste success without any effort.
  • The native gains a lot of knowledge and becomes wise and aware.
  • The Saturn endows longevity over the native.
  • The native may enjoy marital bliss and progeny.
  • It blesses the native with power and authority.

The negative effects of Saturn Mahadasha are as follows:

  • The phase is filled with major problems.
  • The native shall remain restless and anxious all the time.
  • The native remains fearful all the time.
  • The person may lose financial stability and might get poverty-stricken in the worst case.
  • There would be constant fights and conflicts at home within the family, especially with the spouse.
  • Life at the workplace may also suffer as the native might not be able to concentrate on work.
  • There may be a loss of job. The business may also experience huge losses and setbacks.
  • The native’s relationship with friends and neighbours will get spoiled.
  • They may have to face the loss of loved ones.
  • The person will get detached and remain aloof and remote. This will have a long-lasting effect on close relations.
  • The person will get lethargic and would not feel motivated to achieve their targets or aims.
  • There will be a delay in all the aspects.
  • Even if a new project gets started, it will not be a success.
  • All this will make the native frustrated and aggressive. This will again result in constant fights.
  • The native may suffer from major bone and skin diseases.

Saturn Mahadasha – Remedies to Pacify Shani Dev

The best way to pacify the malefic Saturn is by worshipping Shani Dev and reciting the Shani Mantra. The person should also offer prayers to Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa, offer food and service to needy people, donate black edibles and offer oil to Shani Dev on Saturday while observing fast too. Consumption of alcohol and meat should be completely stopped.

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Conclusion - Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha of Other Planets

Saturn is friends with Mercury and Venus. It is inimical towards the rest of all other planets except Jupiter as it is neutral. So, during the Saturn mahadasha Rahu antardasha, there was a lot of mental agonies and unnecessary hard work. The Saturn mahadasha Saturn antardasha results in problems at the workplace and gastric issues health-wise. During the Saturn mahadasha Jupiter antardasha, the knowledge, courage and willpower get a boost. The Saturn mahadasha venus antardasha results in marital bliss and an overall healthy, happy life.

During the Saturn mahadasha, Mercury antardasha, the native, was involved in charitable work and gained a good position in society. The Saturn mahadasha Ketu antardasha makes the person restless and aggressive. He may get inclined towards religious acts. The Saturn Mahadasha and Sun antardasha are not good in any respect. Every aspect suffers during this phase.

Whatever the sufferings might be, in the end, the person comes out victorious, being a calm and wise human. Saturn teaches the person the value of karmas, life and people. Don’t be afraid, just mind your actions!

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