The Saturn Mahadasha – Know Effect And Remedy For Your Life

Saturn Mahadasha – Shani is Ready to Make You Work Hardest!

Saturn Mahadasha is observed when the planet Saturn is in an unfavorable position in the horoscope of a person. This is a long period of 19 years which gives numerous trials and tribulations to the native. The Mahadasha of Saturn is similar to Sade Sati but with extended time and more pain and suffering for the native.

Vedic astrology considers every planet, including the Sun and the Moon, to have certain energy and potential that exerts a positive and negative impact on people’s lives. Astrology has also segregated the planets as malefic and benefic by nature. And when a malefic planet takes an inauspicious or unfavourable position, the results can be disastrous for the native who goes through this phase.

The placement of planets or their combinations in the houses of the kundli is known as the dasha. Every planet has its own period of antardasha and mahadasha. Based on the position of the planets during the antardasha or mahadasha, the planet gives positive or negative results to the native. All these dashas are a part of the Vimshotarri Dasha Cycle that takes around 120 years to complete the dashas of all the nine planets. Each planet has its own time; some take less time while others take longer to complete the phase.

This article is dedicated to one such dasha of the planet Saturn. It is about the Saturn Mahadasha. We are going to do the Saturn Mahadasha analysis and understand the Saturn mahadasha effects and experience. We will also come to know about the Mahadasha of Saturn with Rahu, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Ketu, Mars and Sun antardasha. But before all that, let’s understand the significance of Saturn in astrology and why people fear Shani dev the most.

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