Kundali Types in Astrology - Types of Kundli Chart in Detail

Know The Types Of Kundali In Astrology

Every human on earth is eager to know about a future life. This may sound selfish, but each one of us wishes to have an idea about what’s going to happen to us in order to remain ready for the challenges. Also, to follow the path that would be the best choice for us. And to accomplish this and fulfil our desire to know the future, we consult the astrologers who prepare our Kundlis.

A Kundli or birth chart is erected with the help of the birth details like day, date, year and time and even place. A native’s Kundli or the natal chart is a snapshot or the blueprint of the sky and the planetary position at the time of birth. Based on the position of the planets and the stars in the Kundali, the native’s general character, strengths and weaknesses, and general life journey can be revealed. But astrology gives you options and a variety of Kundalis. There are different types of kundalini, but the most commonly used types of Kundalis are North Indian Kundali, South Indian Kundali and East Indian Kundali. The idea behind preparing Kundali remains the same. There are nine planets that are considered in all types of Kundalis. And all the Kundali types consider the 12 astrological signs. So, the base remains the same in all the types of Kundlis. Let us discuss in detail these types of Kundli charts and highlight the major differences between them.

North Indian Kundali

South Indian Kundali

East Indian Kundali

Comparision Of North Indian and South Indian Kundali

In a Nutshell

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