What is Kundli? – Uncover Your True Potential

A Kundli is an ancient term in Vedic astrology which represents the birth chart of the native. For creating a personalised Kundali, we require a date of birth, birthplace, and exact birth time. All the details should be correct for proper analysis of the Kundli. However, in Kundali, we can see the screenshot of planetary positions and their aspects at the time of your birth. Based on this blueprint, the prediction of the overall native’s life can be made.

With Kundali, one can predict the previous birth or past karma of the native based on which native got this life. Also, the present situation and future analysis can be made by this. In Western astrology, Kundli is known as the Birth chart or Natal chart. In contrast, Kundali is known as Patrika, Janam Kundli, or Janampatri in Indian Vedic Astrology.

What is Kundali? No need to mention that Kundli is always the talk of the town when people are finding suitable brides and grooms in India. As you know, Kundli matching is an ancient matching-making process for Indian bride and groom before they tie the knot.

What do Kundli Represent?

Benefits Of Kundli

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