Rahu And Moon In 1st House: Know The Effects of The Combination

The Moon and Rahu sharing the same space could bring difficult phase in your life, and that’s why it necessary to check what experts say about this conjunction. On the one hand, the Moon is a benefic planet, which provides mental strength, emotions and thinking abilities. While on the Other hand, Rahu is an invisible planet, which may bring delusion, confusion, fear and obsession in the native’s life.

If these two planets combine in the same house, it would be a sign of destruction or obstacles. The Moon and Rahu do not share friendly relations with each other, and as a result, you may suffer from unfortunate incidents in life. This could be the reason why many Astro experts consider this combination as inauspicious. If we see the brighter side of this Moon-Rahu union, this combination may help you become powerful and successful in life.

The association of Rahu and Moon is usually found in the horoscope of politicians or any other powerful person. If this conjunction takes place in the 1st house, you may consider your life full of mystery. You may believe in negative forces and the invisible powers of nature. In the horoscope, this conjunction of the Moon and the north node will form a (Chandra) Grahan Yoga. It will negatively impact your logical mind and may invite health troubles. Now, the question is – will Rahu and Moon be effective in the ascendant house? We guess our astrology lovers will be on their toes to know the result of Moon Rahu conjunction in the first house, right? So, let us find out.

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What Does It Mean By Moon Rahu Conjunction In 1st House In Astrology?

In simple words, both planets indicate their 1st house placement at the time of an individual’s birth. It represents the association of the Moon and Rahu in the ascendant house. Moreover, the presence of Rahu and Moon in the same sign forms Pitra Dosha. Therefore, you may succumb to an unexpected incident in life. This is one of the inauspicious conjunctions that may have adverse effects on your mother’s health.

Moreover, the union of the Moon and the shadow planet, Rahu, can pull you in amid financial woes, and it will further create disturbance in your family or marriage life. This 1st house conjunction of Moon and Rahu denotes that you may require extra effort to achieve something big in life. However, the Moon is quite comfortable in the Lagna house, and it will have the upper hand on Rahu. If the Moon is strong or present in its own sign, it may help you reduce the negative impacts of Rahu.

Other than that, this combination suggests that your life will be full of hardships and struggles. Also, you may have unnecessary hurdles, worries, and delays in your life. This is why you may choose an unrighteous way to earn money or achieve your goals. This conjunction of Rahu and Moon may give you weak health. And so, you are likely to suffer from psychological problems or skin diseases. Now, moving on to check its impacts on the living areas.

Influence of Rahu And Moon In 1st House

  • Health of mother/spouse
  • Mental stress
  • Professional life
  • Career goals

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Impacts Of Moon and Rahu Conjunction In The 1st House On Personality

Individuals having the conjunction of Rahu and Moon in the 1st ascendant house are likely to possess dual personality. If there is a presence of strong Rahu, you may have confusion or fear in mind. You will have negative thoughts and hypertension in your mind, which will only help you make wrong decisions. However, you may have good imaginative power so that you may participate in fraudulent activities.

The conjunction of these two planets suggests that there will always be a chance of developing a luxurious lifestyle. And this could be possible due to your involvement in criminal matters. Also, you will be desperate to earn materialistic pleasure and worldly desires. Furthermore, this conjunction signifies the formation of Grahan dosha, which may negatively influence your life. You may possess diplomatic behaviour and thoughtful nature to identify wrong information. At the same time, you may make fake promises by speaking lies.

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Impacts Of Moon and Rahu Conjunction In The 1st House On Marriage

The conjunction of Moon and Rahu signifies may stop you from achieving your marriage goals. This can be true as Rahu and Moon combinedly give negative results in the marital life. You would be a passionate lover, so you may find a caring life partner. Later, you may have dissatisfaction as your spouse may fail to meet your expectation. You may not receive desired response or love from your life partner. If Venus is part of this conjunction, you are likely to have a happy married life.

This is an inauspicious combination that may affect your spouse health. Especially female natives may suffer from major health troubles during progeny or at the time of childbirth. Once you enter the marriage phase of life, it would be difficult for you to find a balance between your professional and personal life. You may fail to understand your partner’s feelings which may create gaps in your relationship. Overall, the Rahu-Moon conjunction will give you mixed results in your marriage life.

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Impacts Of Moon and Rahu Conjunction In The 1st House On Career

Rahu with Moon in 1st house may restrict you from achieving success in the desired field. You may not be able to complete your studies, and you may progress on the wrong path. In the mid-age, you may involve in illegal works like gambling, speculation, or betting. You may invest more money in the stock market to get a huge profit. The association of Rahu-Moon may not offer a stable job or business as you may meet obstacles one after the other.

This conjunction symbolizes that you may perform well in the political world. You may receive good support from the public before moving on to form your image as a famous politician. In the later stages, you may establish luxurious and comfortable life. This is why it is not wrong to say that the Rahu-Moon conjunction may not always provide negative results. Sometimes, you may end up being successful.

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Remedies for Moon and Rahu Conjunction In First House

  • Start doing mediation religiously
  • Wear gemstone of Moon from any Monday
  • You should maintain good relations with in-laws
  • Wear silver chain or ornament
  • Worship Maa Durga with a pure heart

Wrapping Up

We found that the conjunction of Rahu and Moon is all about downfall. This conjunction may help you with positive results if Moon is strong or if there is an aspect of benefic planets on the house where conjunction is formed. Other than that, the Rahu-Moon combination may make you short-tempered and fickle-minded. Therefore, you may create differences with your spouse or other family members.

The conjunction of Rahu and Moon in the ascendant house may keep you away from desired marriage life. It may further dent your good image as you are likely to become a fraudster. Besides, this combination doesn’t really work to achieve stable growth of career.

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