Shani Graha Shanti Puja: A Powerful Way to Dispel Saturn’s Negative Energy

Shani Dev is also known as Chayaputra as Shani Dev is a descendant of Surya Dev and his wife Chaya. Shani Dev is a great guide, well-wisher and guardian for the right people as he becomes a great punisher for the followers of wickedness, betrayal, injustice, and backstabbing.

Shani has a great companionship with Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Mercury. While Shani Dev acts as a foe for the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mars. Shani Dev rules the Nakshatras of Pushya, Anuradha, and Uttara Bhadrapada. An individual might face severe problems when Shani and other malefic planets are placed together in the natal chart.

All Saturn-related problems can be treated by Shani Shanti Puja, the only effective & time-tested remedy. A Shani Puja is known as Shani Shanti Puja and is performed in order to appease the planet Saturn and bring relief from the punishments that Saturn inflicts on someone because of their past karmic problems.

Characteristics of Shani Dev

In Hinduism, Shani is thought of as a malefic and stern teacher who represents patience, diligence, and endurance, and who wields restriction and misfortune.

A Shani placed favourably in an individual’s horoscope, can indicate a strong career, a long and happy life, and everything positive.

According to Indian mythology, Shani Dev has been portrayed dark black, dressed in black clothes, armed with a sword, arrow, and daggers, and mounted on a crow.

Among the symbols associated with Shani, its colour is black, its element is air, its gemstone is Neelam (blue sapphire), its direction is West and food is black til and ginger.

Effects of malefic Shani Graha

As Saturn is afflicted in a horoscope by malefic planets or houses, it is called an afflicted or malefic Shani. Below are some malefic Saturn signs in your horoscope:

  • Suffering, sorrow, death
  • Humility and constraint
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Breathing problems
  • Long-term and chronic illnesses
  • The inability to conceive

The above adverse effect of malefic Saturn can be reduced by performing Shani Shanti Puja and Shani Shanti remedies.

Shani Graha Shanti Remedies

In our lives, Shani rewards and punishes us for our actions based on our deeds. Hence, Saturn is often referred to as the planet of Karma. During this time, a native is put to the test in terms of tenacity, longevity, hard work, commitment, and self-reliance.

This planet is known as the cold planet and is considered a hard taskmaster. It is a planet that teaches life’s lessons and maintains its role as a teacher by teaching new lessons every day.

An afflicted Saturn or a poorly placed Saturn in a horoscope is bound to unleash its wrath. Lord Shani is the ultimate justice giver. People who frequently fail in life, one after another, are suffering from Saturn-related problems.

Now the question arises. Is it possible to please Lord Shani Dev? Following are some of the best Shani Shanti remedies, apart from general remedies:

  • Shani Shanti puja
  • Siddha yantra puja for Shani graha
  • Shani Graha powered Suraksha Kavach Dharana
  • Shani Graha powered herbs pooja
  • The spiritual art of Shani Graha must be preserved

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Shani Graha Shanti Puja

Shani Graha Shanti Puja is the only effective remedy to solve Saturn-related problems. A Shani Puja, also known as Shani Shanti Puja, is performed to appease Saturn and to alleviate the punishments that Saturn inflicts on you as a result of your past karmic problems.

Performing this puja pleases Lord Shani and reduces the quantum of punishment he is giving us for our negative karmas of the past. Many aspects of a person’s life are improved and greatly enhanced after a Shani Puja such as their health, finances, relationships, careers, and many others.

Shani Shanti Puja enables an individual to easily earn the blessings of Shani Dev and experience an enduring change in his/her life. Saturn moves slowly, so when its negative effects begin to manifest on a person, the effects can last a long time. Therefore, we need to act timely and effectively to pacify the negative effects of Saturn in our lives.

The planets reflect both the good as well as the bad aspects of our karmas. Saturn is the representative form of Lord Shani, the Supreme Being responsible for dispensing justice.

Since Saturn holds most of our negative karma accounts, the results of Saturn’s effects on our lives usually manifest as punishment in different forms depending on our past behaviour, since Saturn predominantly controls our negative karma.

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Shani Puja Benefits

The Shani Graha Shanti puja has several effects, including:

  • Achieving victory over enemies/adversaries
  • Protection against negativity/evil
  • For the development of both material and spiritual aspects
  • To minimise the adverse effects of afflicted Saturn
  • To eliminate debts and attract prosperity.

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Shani Graha Puja and Astrological Importance of Daan

Can the Shani effect be removed? Shani Shanti puja holds great astrological significance for us. Shaina puja and daan should be performed by people going through the main and sub-periods of retrograde and malefic Shani mahadasha and antardasha.

Shani Graha Shanti Havan

Shanti havan is among the best Shani Graha Shanti Puja remedies that empower your life by eliminating its negative aspects and enhancing its positive ones.

Those who worship the planet gain power, reputation, success, wellbeing, relief from marriage problems, and blessings. This havan is beneficial for the spiritual and material growth of natives of all rashis.

The purpose of performing Shani Graha Shanthi Homam

According to Vedic scriptures, an adverse position of Saturn or a transition to Saturn in the birth chart may cause problems related to finances, loss of money, and health issues.

Shani Shanti Puja and Shanti Graha Shanthi Havan can help reduce the risks to a greater extent, which can help anyone who wishes to prevent them. The purpose of this havan is to remove obstructions and doshas associated with the planet Saturn.

An overview of the Shani Graha Shanthi Homam benefits

It is an effective method to recover from Saturn’s malefic effects. It removes obstacles and problems from one’s life for one to live a happy, peaceful life. Another benefit is its ability to resolve complex issues, creating wealth, health, and prosperity.


You must perform the Shani Shanti Puja to alleviate the problems Saturn brings into your life, such as health, education, marriage, career, finances, etc.

A Shani Report based on a native’s horoscope is also available and acts as a valuable guide to understand what the most feared planet has in store for the native. Take action right away and go for Shani Graha Shanti Puja remedies that can appease Shani and help relieve the problems caused by this planet.


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