Shani Ketu Grahan Dosh – Know More about it

Shani is the lord of justice, and it is ruled by planet Saturn, and it is one of the Navagraha in Hindu astrology. The deity Saturn is the highest authority who distributes the rewards of your hard work. It is thought that your karma determines the course of your life, and Shani Dev ensures that each individual is treated fairly. The circle of justice operates based on your actions—good or negative.

In Sanskrit, Ketu, the Moon’s South Node, signifies a “sign” or “banner.” Ketu is the planet of otherworldly desire, or spirituality, whereas Rahu is the planet of earthly desire. The spiritual process of development or the refinement of materialisation into spirit is represented by Ketu. Ketu is a malefic and a spiritual benefice, as it produces pain and loss, turning the individual into a spiritual being.

Shani Ketu Grahan Dosh: What is it?

How Shani Ketu Grahan Dosha Is Created?

How Does Shani Ketu Grahan Dosha Affect Our Life?

Astrological Remedies For Shani Ketu Grahan Dosh


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