Know About Lifetime Benefits You Get By Performing Surya Puja

Which is the brightest celestial body known to man ever? Without a second thought, we can say it is the Sun. The Sun radiates heat, light and energy to us. This is one of the reasons for our ancestors to worship the Sun as the first good and offer prayers too. Mankind has provided the first-ever worship to the life balancing celestial body, the Sun.

The Sun is the head of the Solar system as it is in the centre of all the planets that revolve. According to Vedic Astrology, Sun is the most important one among planets even though Sun is regarded as the star astronomically. Considering these, the Sun is said to be the superstar of all the planets and performing Surya puja is regarded to be the most beneficial to attain a peaceful life.

Why Is the Sun Important in Astrology?

Sun is also known as Surya, Adithya, Ravi etc. He is the epitome of our conscious mind and creates the life force in us. The Sun represents immunity, honours hip, leadership, reliability, royalty, attitude, determination, courage, etc. The day which is for the Sun is Sunday, and people worship Sun God as Suryanarayana, which is Lord Vishnu aspect himself.

Since the Sun is the most important planet, Astrology says it’s to study nature, soul, father, vitality, personality, business growth, career, government job, life goal etc. It also says about our eyes, honour, ego etc. If you want to check if your horoscope needs to energise the supreme planet, the Sun, then approach an expert astrologer to learn more about this. Surya Shanti puja is one of the best remedies to make the Sun energetic, thereby gain good experience in your life.

Why is Surya Puja performed?

The Sun is an amazing planetary ruler, who represents incomparability. His elegance can do some amazing things in the lives of individuals and hence Surya Graha Shanti puja ought to be attempted by individuals for acquiring different advantages. Surya Shanti puja, nonetheless, is particularly suggested for holding over work-related issues and concerns, similar to the loss of business, and suspension or exclusion from services. Those burdened with chronic or ongoing diseases and are in extreme misery can likewise worship Sun God, for getting rid of bad impacts and obtaining overall wellbeing.

Surya is the one planet that is apparent from this world. Sun gives us the energy to complete our work. Some of the characteristics of Sun-god god are:

  • Metal addressed by Surya is Gold.
  • The Jewel stone of Surya is Ruby.
  • The heading of Surya is East.
  • The day of Surya is Sunday.
  • The number of Surya is 1(one).
  • The Zodiac of Surya is Leo.
  • Sun or Surya is commended in case it is sitting with Aries zodiac and if Surya is sitting with Libra then it is not energised.
  • Surya Grahan yoga is said to be in a horoscope when it is placed with Rahu in any place of kundli.
  • Surya or sun gets pessimistic in kundli or horoscope, it gives such countless sorts of issues and afterwards, Surya Shanti pooja helps an individual.

Malefic Effects Of Sun In The Horoscope

  • The negative sun gives egotism.
  • Malefic sun likewise takes away your fame.
  • It is likewise answerable for the sensation of desire.
  • Connections with jealousy people
  • Medical conditions additionally emerge because of the weakened sun or Surya like eyes issues, cerebral pain.
  • Loss of occupation additionally happens.
  • The absence of self-discipline additionally leads to numerous issues.

How To Do Surya Puja?

Are you facing any personal issues in your life due to the Sun? If so, you must perform Surya Graha Shanti homam along with the Surya mantra. Surya puja helps to strengthen the Sun that causes you all the problems in life. If you are going through any mahadasha or antardasha, energising the Sun would be an ideal choice. You will gain good returns from this puja very easily.

Surya puja vidhi is usually performed for two reasons. One is to reduce the ill effects of the sun and the second is to obtain the sun’s force in case the Sun is weak in the horoscope.

Surya Puja Benefits

Surya pooja is strong worship that is dedicated to making the Sun energetic and provides all the benefits to the native. The Sun gives many favours to the devotees. The puja is capable of wiping away the bad karma in life and the past deeds. This results in positive vibrations, enhances career growth, provides business opportunities, helps with wealth and prosperity, gives peaceful and merry life always.

When Should We Do Surya Puja?

The day which is ruled by the Sun is Sunday. The Sun Hora stays for 1 hour with the strong influence of Surya. Thus, the hora on Sundays is considered to be the most powerful. This day is best to perform the Surya Puja. Also, on the seventh lunar day of Saptami tithi is advisable to worship Surya.

Suryadev Mantra

To energise the Lord Surya, the powerful Surya mantra is Om Hram Hreem Hroum Sah Suryaya Namah. Surya puja mantra is quite beneficial to receive all the fortunes in life.

Wrapping up

Do you know that if your horoscope has a weak Surya presence? If not, talk to an expert astrologer to analyse the horoscope in detail to decide whether you should do puja to obtain Surya puja benefits completely.

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