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Surya Shani Shapit Dosha Puja: Significance And Effects

Surya Shani Shapit Dosha is formed when the Sun (Surya) and Saturn (Shani) is united in the same house in an individual’s natal chart. Surya and Shani have a father-son relationship according to Vedic astrology, but they are nonetheless bitter enemies. They are both equally powerful, so the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn may have a significant impact on the native’s life. The Surya Shani Shapit Dosha might have a negative impact on your connection with your elders. The native may also develop ailments affecting bodily components such as the eyes, bones, and heart. As a result, it is critical to appease Lord Shani and Surya.

Why Is The Combination Of Surya And Shani Considered Malefic?

How Does Surya Shani Shapit Dosha Affect Our Life?

Ways To Overcome The Effects Of Surya Shani Shapit Dosha

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