108 Shlokas- Reasons Why You Should Read The Vishnu Sahastranama Strotam

An ancient inscription and a Sanskrit hymn, Vishnu Sahastranama that means a thousand names of Lord Vishnu, are considered by many to be the most revered of Hindu Gods. In Sanskrit, the word “Sahastra” means thousand and “nama” means names. It has been said that Lord Vishnu is the protector, one who protects or saves a life. According to Hindu tradition, reciting mantras, strotras, and shlokas is one of the easiest ways to pray and express respect to the Lord.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu is the Supreme Being, the Lord of the Universe, who saves the souls of the living. It is composed by Sanskrit scholar Sage Vyasa who has written epics such as Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita.

There are many ways to worship the Supreme Power, the One who rules the entire universe. Simply reciting mantras, strotras and shlokas reciting them with the utmost devotion and complete concentration can be one of the most powerful forms of meditation. Interestingly, a Hindu devotee can choose his or her favourite God or Ishta Devta. As per Hindu mythology, the “Tridevs” Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh stand for conception, preservation and dissolution.

Among the three Gods, Lord Vishnu acts as a shield and helps in supporting the various life forms on the planet. Though numerous holy scriptures and texts are written in devotion to Lord Vishnu, Vishnu Sahastranam has its importance.

Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: Uncover The Advantages Of Reciting

The basis for true devotion is the absolute belief in the power of the divine. Therefore, hailing the supreme being and practising Nama Japa with honesty works wonders and our prayers reach the Lord faster than we would expect. The chanting of Shri Hari Vishnu thousand names attracts good fortune, peace, harmony, and above all, his blessings.

Recitation of Mantras and Shlokas helps us to keep focused and consistent in life. If we recite each word correctly, the energy produces a positive vibe that you can feel from the core of your inner self. The energy flowed through reciting mantras and shlokas boosts and activates each small cell of our body and enhances our ability to concentrate.

A healthy body and an invigorated mind are essential for our well-being. Therefore, it is vital to maintain our physical and psychological well-being to avoid stress and sickness. Reciting or listening to Vishnu Sahastranam every day keeps you healthy.

By regularly taking the names of Lord Vishnu, it helps in keeping us steady and calm. It creates a sense of thankfulness by recognising the fact that divine forces are more powerful and supreme than human beings.

Following Hindu belief, after death, devotees of Shri Hari Vishnu wish to achieve moksha (liberation) by visiting Vaikuntha, the holy abode of Vishnu.

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Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: When Is The Right Time To Read Strotam?

After having a shower, morning is the best time to read strota. You can also read strota in the evening from 5 to 7 pm. If you recite the strota at night before going to bed, it is also beneficial.

You can wear clothes of any colour while reciting the Vishnu Strota. According to Hindu culture, yellow coloured clothes are best to wear as there is a belief that the colour yellow is the favourite colour of Lord Vishnu. It is beneficial to sit on wooden asana while chanting or performing Vishnu Pooja.

A Kalash filled with water should be kept in the temple or Puja Ghar while reciting the strota or Vishnu Pooja mantra. You can also offer fruits, dry fruits, sweets or any other yellow sweet dish as prasad. After the rituals have been performed, distribute the prasad among family members.

Vishnu Sahastranama consists of 108 shlokas. You can still benefit from listening to it even if it is difficult for you to read.

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Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: What Benefits Devotees Achieve?

Lord Vishnu plays a significant role in Hindu tradition. He is among one of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. His role is that of the protector of our planet. As per the Hindu calendar, Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

According to the Puranas, once Goddess Lakshmi is pleased with a devotee’s worship of Lord Vishnu, there is no shortage of money for their family. Furthermore, the devotee receives riches, fame, and honour.

Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: Let's Dive Deeper Into Significance

In the Hindu religion, Vishnu Puja has its importance. Lord Vishnu is considered the supreme power. Vishnu puja on Thursday is regarded as an auspicious ritual and observed throughout the country.

Vishnu puja brings happiness, serenity and prosperity in life and gives strength to overcome hurdles in life.

  • Lord Vishnu is the protector of the entire universe.
  • Devotees receive the benefits of Lord Vishnu Puja. Lord Vishnu acts as a lifeguard for his worshippers.
  • There have been many avatars he has taken to save humanity.
  • Worshipping him on Poornima is auspicious.

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Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: The Benefits In Nutshell

When Vishnu Puja takes place, devotees find their lives become more harmonious and rewarding. Professionally, he achieves good results and overcomes all obstacles. In his afterlife, he receives Moksha, which alleviates the impact of past lives. It is a blessing to have peace and happiness in your life.

Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: The Main Puja Samagri

  • Idol of Vishnu Bhagwan
  • Incense sticks
  • Diya
  • Mango Leaves
  • Turmeric
  • Gangajal
  • Akshata
  • Kumkum and
  • Ghee

For offerings:

  • Fruits
  • Sweets
  • Coconut
  • Betel Nut
  • Honey, Sugar, Milk, Ghee and Curd (For Panchamrit)
  • Flowers
  • Camphor and other puja samagri

Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: Rituals To Follow

If you are performing Vishnu Puja at home, let us have a look at Vishnu Pooja Vidhi below:

  • Devotees should wake up early have a bath before commencing the Lord Vishnu Pooja Vidhi. Devotees also observe a fast during the day.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahastranama and Vishnu Pooja mantra 108 times.
  • You can also recite “Om Hreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Laxminarayanaaya Namah”
  • Recite the Beeja mantra “Om Namo Narayanaaya” as you offer Asana to Lord Vishnu on the chowki.
  • Place the idol of Lord Vishnu on Asana after washing it with Panchamrita.
  • Invoke the 108 names of the Lord while offering incense sticks and lamps.

Finally, perform Aarti and offer Prasad. Donate Prasad and clothes to needy people.

Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: 108 Names Of Vishnu

  1. Om Vishnave namah
  2. Om Lakshmiipataye namah
  3. Om Krishnaaya namah
  4. Om Vaikunthaaya namah
  5. Om Garudadhvajaaya namah
  6. Om Parabrahmane namah
  7. Om Jagannaathaaya namah
  8. Om Vaasudevaaya namah
  9. Om Trivikramaaya namah
  10. Om Daityaantakaaya namah
  11. Om Madhuripave namah
  12. Om Taarkshyavaahanaaya namah
  13. Om Sanaatanaaya namah
  14. Om Naaraayanaaya namah
  15. Om Padmanaabhaaya namah
  16. Om Hrishikeshaaya namah
  17. Om Sudhaapradaaya namah
  18. Om Maadhavaaya namah
  19. Om Pundariikaakshaaya namah
  20. Om Sthitikartre namah
  21. Om Paraatparaaya namah
  22. Om Vanamaaline namah
  23. Om Yagyahuupaaya namah
  24. Om Cakrapaanaye namah
  25. Om Gadaadharaaya namah
  26. Om Upendraaya namah
  27. Om Keshavaaya namah
  28. Om Hamsaaya namah
  29. Om Samudramathanaaya namah
  30. Om Haraye namah
  31. Om Govindaaya namah
  32. Om Brahmaajanakaaya namah
  33. Om Kaitabha-asura-mardanaaya namah
  34. Om Shriidharaaya namah
  35. Om Kaamajanakaaya namah
  36. Om Sheshashaayine namah
  37. Om Caturbhujaaya namah
  38. Om Paanca-janya-dharaaya namah
  39. Om Shriimate namah
  40. Om SHaarngapaanaye namah
  41. Om Janardanaaya namah
  42. Om Piitaambaradharaaya namah
  43. Om Devaaya namah
  44. Om Suurya-candra-vilocanaaya namah
  45. Om Matsyaruupaaya namah
  46. Om Kuurmatanave namah
  47. Om Krodaruupaaya namah
  48. Om Nrikesarine namah
  49. Om Vaamanaaya namah
  50. Om Bhaargavaaya namah
  51. Om Raamaaya namah
  52. Om Baline namah
  53. Om Kalkine namah
  54. Om Hayaananaaya namah
  55. Om Vishvambharaaya namah
  56. Om Shishumaaraaya namah
  57. Om Shriikaraaya namah
  58. Om Kapilaaya namah
  59. Om Dhruvaaya namah
  60. Om Dattatreyaaya namah
  61. Om Achyutaaya namah
  62. Om Anantaaya namah
  63. Om Mukundaaya namah
  64. Om Dadhivaamanaaya namah
  65. Om Dhanvantaraye namah
  66. Om Shrii nivaasaaya namah
  67. Om Pradyumnaaya namah
  68. Om Purushottamaaya namah
  69. Om Shriivatsakaustubhadharaaya namah
  70. Om Muraaraataye namah
  71. Om Adhoshajaaya namah
  72. Om Rishabhaaya namah
  73. Om Mohinii-ruupadhaarine namah
  74. Om Sankarshanaaya namah
  75. Om Prithave namah
  76. Om Shiiraabdhishaayine namah
  77. Om Bhuutaatmane namah
  78. Om Aniruddaaya namah
  79. Om Bhaktavatsalaaya namah
  80. Om Naraaya namah
  81. Om Gajondravaradaaya namah
  82. Om Tridhaamne namah
  83. Om Bhuutabhaavanaaya namah
  84. Om Shveta-dviipa-suvaastavyaaya namah
  85. Om Sanakaadi-muni-dhyeyaaya namah
  86. Om Bhagavate namah
  87. Om Shankarapriyaaya namah
  88. Om Nilakaantaaya namah
  89. Om Dharaakaantaaya namah
  90. Om Vedaatmane namah
  91. Om Baadaraayanaaya namah
  92. Om Bhaagiirathii-janma-bhuumi-paada-padmaaya namah
  93. Om Satam prabhave namah
  94. Om Svabhuve namah
  95. Om Vibhave namah
  96. Om Dhanashyaamaaya namah
  97. Om Janatkaaranaaya namah
  98. Om Avyayaaya namah
  99. Om Buddha-avataaraaya namah
  100. Om Shaantaatmane namah
  101. Om Liilaamaanushvigrahaaya namah
  102. Om Daamodaraaya namah
  103. Om Viraadruupaaya namah
  104. Om Bhuuta-bhavya-bhuvat-prabhave namah
  105. Om Aadidevaaya namah
  106. Om Devadevaaya namah
  107. Om Prahlaadaparipaalakaaya namah
  108. Om Shri mahaavishnave namah

Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: Things You Should Avoid

  • Do not perform puja after the meal. Keep fast throughout the day and perform rituals.
  • Borrowed flowers should not be offered to the gods.
  • When entering a temple or your home temple, you should always wash your feet first.
  • Avoid eating or chewing while you perform Vishnu Puja at home.
    There are numerous benefits to reciting the Vishnu Sahastranama, and the best way to overcome any fear and move towards a healthier and happier existence is to make it a part of your daily life.

Vishnu Sahastranama Puja: The Last Words

You can achieve many benefits by performing this puja and overcoming various difficulties.

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