Learn About Numerology

As we know that numbers will be in all forms are inextricably linked to our life in some manner. Also, there will be a number in our birth date, one concealed in their name, and another can be used in the name of any business or profession.
A month’s date when an event occurs may be reduced to a specific number, and therefore, a year has a number at its centre. Numerology is a type of divination, or one can say a predictive science, which is based on these numbers and the analyses that may be drawn from them. Numerology predicts and foresees many traits about individuals. That’s right. This could be possible by doing proper analysis on their kundali and numerology. Let us dig deeper into this topic.

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About Numerology

Numerology has been practised for thousands of years. Its variants can be found in almost every civilization throughout history. Many people regard it as a passing fad, yet it has been thoroughly researched by many well-known mathematicians as well. Egyptian and Babylonian cultures have the oldest records of Numerology. Numerology was widely used in ancient Rome, Greece, China, and Japan. Some well-known pandits say that Numerology is another branch of astrology. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, was generally credited behind the discovery of modern numerology. Though it is uncertain if Pythagoras originated numerology, he did develop several theories that elevated numbers to a whole new level.

What is Numerology ?

A child’s identity is profoundly impacted from the time of birth throughout the remainder of his life. His attitude and the events in his life are significantly impacted by the name his parents give him. Numerological analysis is based on a person’s name and birthdate. Since most people are aware of this information, numerology turns out to be a very practical approach to learn about someone’s personality, future, expectations, and social skills. This makes it a fantastic starting place for someone to learn more about themselves and their future.

The laws of mathematics are applied to a person’s life in numerology. It discusses the unique characteristics of the nine most significant planets in the universe, including the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, and Mars. A number between one and nine is assigned to each and every one of these planets. These nine planets are seen to have a substantial impact on a person’s life, and it is thought that a person’s personality and the circumstances of his life are determined by the placements of these planets at the time of his birth. Every person has a primary and secondary planet that governs them from birth. Once they are born, they begin emitting the vibrations of the planet or number that governs them.

These numbers or planets control all significant facets of this person’s life, such as his emotions, desires, health, career, etc. For instance, if the numbers of A and B are harmonious, A and B will get along well and have a good connection. Numerology holds that a person’s life’s possibilities and challenges are only influenced by the numbers in his life. Another crucial point to remember is that numerology does not accept the existence of generally lucky or unlucky numbers like the lucky number 7 or the unlucky number 13. According to numerology, each person has a different fortunate and unlucky number.

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