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Numbers for Alphabets – Numerology Alphabet – Numerology Numbers For Alphabets

Numerology numbers for alphabets, you must have heard about it. But the fact is you have only heard about it and not having any proper knowledge of it as we all know that everyone on this earth has taken birth to serve some special purpose. Everyone has got a unique name, as their identity. But do you know the secret behind this name of yours, which can make you move from the bottom to the highest level, where you may have dreaming about? Alphabet Numerology is the way that can make you achieve the goal of your life and achieve whatever you want.

As we know, that the world is full of many elements, and it is full of many secret messages in its every activity, and the same is with your name and numbers. Numerology Numbers for Alphabets is all the power of the letters, which have formed your name. As they consist of some letters and these alphabets have a certain numerical value. Alphabet Numerology is the study of that power inside these numbers that form your name.

All the numbers from 1 to 9 have their pulse and special effects. When one takes birth on some particular date, that person brings his destiny with that particular date. It creates a rough picture of the personality one would carry throughout his life. Your name also contributes to the picture formation as these two things go parallel to each other. They can be called Siamese twins. Every letter has got certain weightage in the series from 1 to 9 as per Alphabet Numerology. All one needs to do is to work out their alphabet numerology value from the chart that gives a specific value to each letter.

Numerology numbers for the alphabet have two formats of calculating alphabet numerology. All the letters in the alphabet have certain specific values and so have their influence in different ways. In one of the formats, numbers are taken from 1 to 9 and the other 1 to 8 excluding number 9. When the full birth name is analyzed with the numbers of every letter, it is termed as “Expression Number”, and the consonants give your “Personality Number”.

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