History of Numerology – Kabbalah, Chaldean, Pythagorean, Chinese, Angelic Numerology

Numerology is a combination of numbers, which represents our life events by divine powers. It is one of the oldest methods of discovering the world and of the ones living in it. In different regions, every number has other events and beliefs linked with them. And therefore become necessary for us to know about the history of numerology and its origins.

Since the ages, many countries follow the basic concept of numerology. Countries like India, Greece, Italy, Japan, China, and ancient Egypt have already started using Numerology concepts. Chaldean Numerology and Kabbalah Numerology were the two methods often used in ancient times. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras later became the father of numerology. He is the one who developed the Pythagorean Numerology, which is also known as modern numerology. In the past, Pythagoras and other philosophers believed mathematics had more accessible concepts to classify than physics. They established schools for mathematics, astrology and music in Italy. Pythagoras was mostly fascinated with the principles of numbers and concepts of mathematics rather than solving problems. He firmly believed that numbers could expose the entire universe. However, his theories helped other philosophers to look into the concept, and even in mathematics, his theorems are the base of any high-level mathematics.

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Below are the various types of numerology explained in detail:

History of Kabbalah Numerology

Initially, this method is used to interpret names in Hebrew spirit sciences using Hebrew alphabets. Later this method was adapted in greek alphabets, and lastly, it also used Roman alphabets. In the 13th century, people using Kabbalah numerology found that old scriptures are code given by the god. Alphabets having 22 vibrations in them, the interpretations also happened to be dimensioned with tarot trump cards. The Kabbalah system only uses an individual’s name without their birth dates. The value of numbers changes in each system of numerology. If you think this and other systems coincide with their method, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will have the same result. The Kabbalah system has about 1 to 400 different path integrations that are resulted from certain vibrations. It takes more than usual to understand this system as it prioritizes inner balance.

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History of Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldean system is mainly associated with every aspect of astrology. The Chaldeans were known as ancient Babylonian people, who used to recognize the energy change based on their way of speaking or thinking. This numerology is also associated with its branches of the Vedic system. This numerology works on only 1 to 8 numbers as the number 9 represents infinity. The Chaldean system has the same master numbers as the one in the Pythagorean system. Master numbers like 11, 22, 33 cannot be reduced to a single number as they have their own different paths. The Pythagorean system also borrowed the principles from Chaldean Numerology, but both systems’ calculations don’t correlate with each other. In Chaldean numerology, single-digit reveal an individual’s outer personality while double digits describe inner personality. The first name represents the person’s social status, the middle name indicates soul energy, and the last name demonstrates your self-image.

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History of Pythagorean Numerology

This western numerology system was founded by a Greek philosopher and mathematician named Pythagoras. His interest in music led him to find the different vibration of numbers in string instruments, which could be explained mathematically. His mathematics theorems are the base in modern geometry. He used to predict the events of some locations and practised divine fates of individuals. In the Pythagorean system, alphabets were assigned to numbers in sequence order. Each alphabet is in sequence from 1 to 9 numbers. This method uses birth name and date of birth to examine the relationship between them. If an individual changes their name, they earn a new number. Their new name will undoubtedly make changes in personality and nature.

This Pythagorean method works on six significant numbers: life path number, power number, soul number, personality number, birthday number, and attitude number. There are also master numbers like 11, 22, 33, which cannot be reduced to a single-digit.

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Angel Numbers and Angelic Numerology

Angel Numbers came into the limelight after the invention of modern numerology. Pythagoras believed that the universe has its own mathematical equations, which also have their frequency and vibrations. So, it is not safe to say that God created the angel numbers in the universe. Besides, Angel numbers are considered as the communication portal of divine messages of Angels.

Noticing the numbers repeating like when you see the clock exactly at 11:11 or 22:22, it symbolizes whether you’re trying to manifest or not. Angel numbers are the repetition of singular digits. It is believed that angels are connected with you when you read those numbers in sequence. This is how it demonstrates magical and divine powers in your life.

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Chinese Numerology

In Chinese culture, different sets of meanings explain the different numbers associated with it. Some numbers are considered lucky, as even numbers, because they believe that good luck comes in pairs. Chinese medical fields like Acupuncture is also associated with numbers to locate the acupuncture points.

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Astrology of Numbers

Numerology does not make use of planets, stars, zodiac signs, or constellations. Here, numbers are not influenced by planets or stars in any terms. But still, astrology is associated with large numbers, and these numbers define specific traits. As a result, Astrology can be considered a type of numerology.

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Wrapping Up

Ultimately, we learned how different types of numerology is associated with Vedic astrology. These numerologies help individuals to learn about their inner and outer personality. It does not matter which method you select, you may soon learn that numerology is the best way to analyse yourself. Also, you may discover an interesting thing or two about your personal life by using these methods.

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