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Numerology is the process of studying the relationship between a spirit and a physical reality based on the concept that we have an inner being that manifests life. Experiencing an elevated state of awareness is possible every time we come here, regardless of how many times we have come and gone.

Through our continuous incarnation process, each life allows us to gain knowledge and become wiser as part of evolution. There is only one constant in life: learning from all our experiences. We go through our happiest moments as well as our deepest sorrows.

You will come and go, but what you learn back in the period in between is what makes a life cycle complete. There will be times when you have not learned enough and will return to fill the gap. This cycle continues until you gain all wisdom. Expertise, capabilities, facilities, power, and techniques are available for us in plenty, but we misuse them, so they must be reborn to make up and repair the errors made.

Our rebirth is marked by an additional burden or load that is meant to compensate us for the mistakes made during our lifetime, which is called karmic debt. Thirteen, fourteen, sixteen, and nineteen are the numbers associated with Karmic Debt. Karmic numbers are significant and reflect particular characteristics associated with life and affect the difficulties we face. So, without any ado, let’s explore karmic numbers and much more.

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