Numerology Life Path Number 11 & It’s Various Aspect of Life

The life path is a cycle of birth and death. Seeing a numerical pattern in day-to-day life is not just a mere coincidence. In ancient times, people use this number to predict the nature and future of a human being. Life path number is like a personal number with which we are born to help us know our future life. With the help of a simple equation, anyone can discover the life path number, a single-digit number that is said to reveal who you are, what your personalities are, and your deepest values.

To find your life-path number, just take your birth date and reduce it until you reach single-digit. For e.g., if you are born on 6-05-1991. Firstly, you have to segregate each number by days, month, and year and add it to each other. After segregating and counting, you will get a single number of each day, month, and year. Suppose you were born in 1996 then (1+9+9+6=25) (2+5=7) in the same way you have to add all the numbers and find a single digit. When adding all the numbers and reaching the single number, that will be your life path number.

Significance of Life Path Number 11 In Numerology - Empathy Is Your Power!

Life Path Number 11 Strength

Life Path Number 11 Weakness

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