Number 8 – Numerology 8 – Numerology Number 8 – What Does Number 8 ‘mean

Those born on the dates of 8th, 17th and 26th of any month are ruled by Numerology number 8, and the ruling planet is Saturn.

While they are dominating and controlling, they have complete control over their emotions and make a good balance of it. They are both spiritual and materialistic at the same time. We must also count that they are hard-working and successful people who have appreciable business skills, which makes them a successful person.

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Numerology 8 Meaning

All the single-digit numbers in Numerology have a unique energy that they bring along that impacts us both externally and internally in our lives.

Coming to numerology 8 meaning, the number 8 is very successful in terms of business operations; they have a powerful presence that influences people to make rational decisions. When everyone gets balance, they feel supported and stable; this gives them that kick to move forward #KickForward.

The number 8 has great importance in the Chinese culture too, and they include it in every important thing in their life, be it someone’s wedding date, birth dates, finances or address. In Fact, people change their names in order to get the impacts associated with the number 8. Sounds Interesting; this is how no 8 numerology rolls!

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Number 8 in Astrology

Number 8 in the Tarot card is associated with strength. In the context of zodiac signs, the sign of Capricorn and Scorpio is associated with the number 8.

They represent the karmic power and control of Number 8. Yes, Karmic number 8. As Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, it is very clear that they have that professionalism, prestige and achievements associated with them. Eight numerology rocks!

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Number 8 in Personality

Number 8 is very interactive with the people in terms of business. They are well-recognised individuals as they know how to make decisions and influence others to do the same. They are successful, determined and strong individuals who make their decisions independently and because of their belief in whatever steps they take, they are well respected among people.

Although this gives them much more than whatever they needed, they become greedy for this materialistic wealth. Irrespective of the family’s wealth they are born in, they have the potential to succeed and achieve whatsoever they plan in the best possible way.

However, they want to get rich in life and also share their wealth with the people around them. Pretty good qualities overall!

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Number 8 in Career

Number 8 has that hunger to succeed at what they plan and also possess the potential and confidence to execute it effectively. They are so deeply indulged in it that they forget about the other things they have in life. They need to maintain that work-life balance.

They are so efficient in the work that if they have that sense of it, they can offer a great deal to the employers as they have all the hard work, confidence and skills that any organisation needs.

If they get promoted as a manager, they’ll possess the ability to share their work, motivate other employees to get out the best of their abilities into work and know-how to coordinate well. However, if they don’t delegate their responsibilities, they might be stressed up.

They always choose those careers that offer heavy pay and always work for the benefit of others. They are good at marketing and finances. Therefore they are best suited for business.

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Number 8 in Love Compatibility

They are very introverted when it comes to relationships as they are very emotional and have a fear of rejection which restricts them from revealing their inner self. Their partner needs to conversate with them as it depends on the response on how they will unveil themselves.

As they might get into the worst situations in a relationship, they need to experience various failures for some time in order to gain more experience and realise what went wrong by their side.

Number 8 should get into a relationship in the early 20s as they will gain more experience. If they don’t indulge in any of it, they will focus most probably on the other targets they have in different parts of life so that they can learn to set aside some time for their partner.

Number 8 are hardworking workaholics who are well determined to their career goals rather than anything else that should be understood by their partner. Therefore they should be very careful while choosing the right pair for them.

The relationship with the number 8 is most successful in the later segment of their life as they are most focused and workaholic towards their career. Once they achieve it, they have more energy and time to devote to this long-lasting relationship and feel comfortable being with a compatible partner.

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Number 8 in Life Path

The people with this life path tend to be hard workers and teach hard lessons. The materialistic things and money in the world are very important for them as they are pure workaholics ducks and are very sure about achieving their goals.

They believe in working hard until they achieve success and abundant wealth. They are very much annoyed if they are subordinated by someone like a strict guy. They don’t like to be controlled and commanded, especially if the superior instructs them to do those things which go against their will. They can be often authoritative in relationships thus need to learn to be calm.

The people with this life path are always determined to achieve their goals and often take care of their health alongside. However, stress is the biggest enemy they have.

These people are often successful in long term relationships, and when they get into it, they put in the same efforts and determination as they put into achieving their goals. However, they will moreover take it as a business plan that a passionate love between them.

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Number 8 Strengths and Weaknesses

Number 8 Strengths

Ambitious: It will not be wrong to say that they have warrior blood. They believe in achieving goals, however big they may be and feel delighted to add those medals to their name. The achievement of something big gives them a kick to push forward in life.

Karmic: If they look towards accomplishing their goals, it would be very selfish of them to forget everything, but thankfully, they balance things with gratitude. They believe in the give and take process and always help people around them.

Enduring: Not only do they possess those capabilities, but they also have the patience and determination which is required to achieve something.

Number 8 Weaknesses

Materialistic: Number 8 often relates a lot to the rewards system, and they surround themselves with those things which makes them look shallow in front of other people. The people may get attracted to them for misusing and taking advantage.

Authoritative: As number 8 is the achiever, it always believes in whatever they are doing is right, no matter what. This boosts their ego, and as a result, they don’t listen to the opinions of people around them, and this might lead them to lose those important relationships more quickly.

Entitled: They are very much prone to success and can do anything for it. They often follow the success path blindly, and this will result in ignoring the limits in a relationship, resulting in impossible teamwork. This often happens with them, so they know it will come along.

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Is Number 8 unlucky in Numerology?

Well, Coming to Lucky number 8 numerology, we must say that it has a special significance. According to famous astrologers, Saturn or Shani often resembles the sadistic face of the planet. It is always linked with misery and misunderstanding that it brings in bad luck.

It is the law of attraction that applies to the numbers 4 and 8, and they might complement each other well, but it’s advised to them to go for bigger numbers such as 10, 19 and 28.

The people under this number go through various hardships and unnecessary troubles throughout their life. Those born under this number should stay away from all those things that include numbers or are related to them.

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