Numerology Number 7 Significance in Astrology

The most magical number which has ruled our lives is 7. Wondering How? Don’t be in a quandary. Here comes the play of numbers – Numerology has roots from Egyptian, Harrapan, Mesopotamia to present-day times. Fascinating! When it comes to number 7, you see the connection in the seven stars (Saptarishi), Seven Seas, Seven Days in a Week, and not to miss the 7 mukhi rudraksh that exist without any human interference. No wonder when anyone asks about your favourite lucky number, there flashes a number, and certainly, many of you would have 7 as your lucky number! Let’s unveil the magic of this number. It seems it has that MIDAS touch magic even in the arena of numerology. Let’s get on the bandwagon to start our journey.

Number 7 - Significance of Number 7 in Astrology

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Magical Number 7 - Role in the World

Numerology Number 7 - Powers and Blessings

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