Numerology Number 7 Significance in Astrology

The most magical number which has ruled our lives is 7. Wondering How? Don’t be in a quandary. Here comes the play of numbers – Numerology has roots from Egyptian, Harrapan, Mesopotamia to present-day times. Fascinating! When it comes to number 7, you see the connection in the seven stars (Saptarishi), Seven Seas, Seven Days in a Week, and not to miss the 7 mukhi rudraksh that exist without any human interference. No wonder when anyone asks about your favourite lucky number, there flashes a number, and certainly, many of you would have 7 as your lucky number! Let’s unveil the magic of this number. It seems it has that MIDAS touch magic even in the arena of numerology. Let’s get on the bandwagon to start our journey.

Number 7 - Significance of Number 7 in Astrology

Observing from the glitter of the galaxy, the number 7 has its own charm, and there seems to be pureness in it. Although other numbers have their own characteristics, the SPECIAL SEVEN is regarded as the most prime and auspicious number. In Astro science, it is the number of Supreme power and spirituality.

Digging deep, you can find that the seven days of the week and planets in the solar system – all stand for special significance in the world of astrology.

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Important Fact to Check:

The seven days of the week, whether in western or eastern Astro, are named as per the planets:
Moon – Monday
Mars – Tuesday
Mercury – Wednesday
Jupiter – Thursday
Venus – Friday
Saturn – Saturday and
Sun – Sunday

Not just limited to seven days, these planets play a significant role in the vital areas of your life and impact the success or failure of your life, according to astrology.

Deciphering your Janampatri – Kundli, which shows the placements of various planets as per astrology, you can see what it holds in your life – whether good, bad or neutral. The number 7 planet in the seventh house has its own role to play while impacting your life. Hence, planets also affect how the days of the week will be in your life.

With the number 7 having its importance in astrology, it connects well with numerology too. Individuals with the number 7 life paths associated with this number in any other way are psychic, spiritual, and intuitive. These folks have a mystic kind of influence on others and generate positive vibes around their persona. Even in this digital world, whether emotions don’t matter, they tend to be more empathetic and sensitive towards their peers. With their so-called spiritual mindset, they have a higher perspective and higher senses towards look, touch and feel. Picking up the tag of spiritualism, they are especially inclined to solve the mystic world’s mysteries in the non-physical dimensions.

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Magical Number 7 - Role in the World

Moving to broader horizons, 7 lucky number has its importance even in religions. In Hinduism, the universe (Brahmanda) is cosmically segregated into fourteen worlds as per some Puranas (ancient texts). From these 14, there are seven upper worlds and seven lower worlds. Surprisingly, when it comes to Indian marriages, there stand seven vows and pheras (seven rounds around sacred fire) to carry on a happy married life.

Moreover, in the eastern mythological or religious spectrum, it is presented that there are seven heavens, and there also exists the seven steps to Nirvana. When it comes to the western world, in the holy scripture of the Bible, the SEVEN – 7 – number stands for completeness or flawlessness as found by scholars & priests. Primarily, in other religions, also there exists the significance of the lucky number – 7. In Judaism and in the holy book of Islam – the Quran, the reference to the seven heavens is

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Numerology Number 7 - Powers and Blessings

If you have that lucky power-puff No: 7 associated through numerology, be blessed to be on cloud nine. HOW? Number 7 empowers you to gain knowledge about various things and imply your learning in different fields for the betterment of humankind.

With number 7, individuals are gifted with many talents and have a unique personality that yearns to find answers. With their investigative nature, they are passionate about reasoning and find the solution for each and every problem. Not just limited to this intriguing nature, these people are invariably attracted to scientific studies and innovation, and inherently they can become legal advisors and scholars.

The number seven in numerology means a truth seeker and showers blessings to reach the ultimate supreme power. Moreover, the spiritual side of the 7 numerical is quite dominative over other qualities or characteristics. Especially, it impacts the individuals who usually use the number seven in their life.

At some period of your lifetime or in some matters of your life, have you ever noticed that there is a repetition of any particular number? And If YES, then let’s find more.

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First of all, if you find such repetitions in your life, never take them for granted as they represent certain instances and are also an indicator of specific things. When these re-occurrences are especially associated with the number seven, hold on, it gives you a message of greater significance in aspects of spirituality mingled with numerology.

On the forefront, having that number seven being repeated in your journey of life, it means that you have been on the right track. Undoubtedly, you need to keep moving ahead on that pathway at a certain period of your life stage; it’s gonna lead you towards your dream and success in life.

Individuals with 7 as their favourite numerical are always on the greater horizon of life with loads of positivity and fortunate outcomes. Not to be surprised, with that special number 777 coming into your life at any particular instance, or using it in your life, it means that you are gifted with divine blessings. Not to mention, this would help the person at every stage of life or career or relationship and provide a protective shield against any bad luck or omen.

When it comes to business and number 7 intriguingly comes fore in certain matters such as completing a huge or important project on the seventh of any month or receiving monetary benefits in remuneration of seven, then it’s time to think. This precisely states that you would be successful in whatever endeavour you have at hand.

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In a Nutshell

The world of SEVEN is quite mystic and brings innumerable benefits. Whether it is the seven colours in a RAINBOW, the seven musical NOTES, or the seven STARS – all have the magic of the Number 7! So, why not hang on to your life path number seven if present. 

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