Numerology Sun Number 8

Sun Number 8 in Numerology

In the numerology world, numbers play a great deal and hold the power to unveil future events. And, the sun numbers have their special roles to play allowing us to know about the personality traits of an individual.

So, let’s get on the bandwagon of Numerology sun number to learn more about it.

It is quite easy to calculate the sun number in numerology. All you need to do is just add your birth date to the month when you were born. Suppose you are born on 23rd Dec, then your sun number is

2+3+12= 5+12 = 5+1+2= 8

Thus, your sun number is 8.

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Sun Number 8 Personality Traits

Do you fall into the league of sun number 8, you have that streak of authoritarian and like to take up the charge trying to keep everything under your control. Smart and capable of handling things, you have a broader perspective compared to others.

Individuals with Sun Number 8, usually tend to take huge risks in every aspect of life. Quite impulsive in nature, they at times do not think about the consequences, owing to their nature of boldness and courage. Number 8s like to make and break their own rules rather than following anyone else set rules. That’s the reason why people usually call them loopy bonkers.

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Never worried about past events, number 8 always try to give their best, working hard. In case of failures, without being introspective, they move on to the next plan. These fellas are good at creating or mending rules for their advantage. When things don’t turn up as they want, number 8 becomes too agitated many times pushing them to take up the illegal path. However, they never allow their fury to overrule their judgement.

On the negative side, Sun number eight personalities are rumoured to be full of contraindications. They rebel in disguise and cannot take anyone who shows authority over them. Due to this flip side, they tend to fall on the wrong track. However, successful Sun Number 8 are aware of the fact that they cannot allow bias to overshadow their perceptions.

On the love note, sun number 8 individuals show a strong sense of commitment though they are not the easy ones to please. Though they lack the romantic touch, they are level-headed and make their partner feel safe and secure. Neither demanding nor giving, number 8 considers sex like the other needs of physical existence, once met, they move on. Number 2 is their ideal partner, whereas others have to try.

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Sun Number 8 Compatibility

Let’s find now with whom the Sun Number 8 individuals are best compatible.

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