Sun Signs: Find the Best Love Match & Compatibility

Although one’s personality depends on their personality traits and the features they have, the sun plays an important role being the largest planet of the solar system and plays a major role in one’s natal chart as well. Therefore to look for compatible sun signs, it is essential to know how a sun sign reacts to it. So without any ado, let’s explore sun sign love matches. 

Sun Signs Compatibility at the individual level

Aries Compatibility:

Aries sign is a fire sign and are a very energetic, strong and passionate sign which don’t get their wavelength matched very easily. Also, they are often controlled by people who they don’t like.
Therefore the best zodiac they can look for as their compatible partner is Libra as they bring a balance to everything in their life and suits them the best. Also, Libra is an air sign which complements the fire sign well.

Taurus Compatibility:

Taurus sign is an earth sign and thus possesses the qualities of the earth. They like things to be permanent and never apply to change. They usually go well with the water signs. Also, as per science, water gives the earth all the nourishments to grow. Likewise, the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, imply the same if they get along well. This is how Taurus sun signs compatibility rolls!

Gemini Compatibility:

Speaking of Gemini sun sign compatibility, it includes the kind of people who love freedom, liberty and experiment with new things. But it is very difficult for these people to find their perfect match as the relationship is all about settling things down, which they are unable to do. The signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have the same taste buds as Gemini and go well with them.

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Cancer Compatibility:

Cancer belonging to the zodiac chart as a water sign resembles the complete characteristics of water. As water takes the shape of something it is poured into, Cancer sign is also flexible with anybody they live with. The earthy signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are best suited for them.

Leo Compatibility:

Leo sign is ruled by the sun sign itself and possesses a lot of energy which is firing in nature and can hurt their partner if they aren’t compatible with them. With these unique specs comes that unique need to channelise the energy and fire in a particular direction which could make fruitful outcomes and help them grow. The most compatible signs which fit best for them are Libra or Gemini, which can create a perfect love balance with them.

Virgo Compatibility:

Virgo signs are very shy kind of people. They don’t usually open up to people very easily. They need someone like Pisces or Scorpio who can work well with them. Pisces’s emotions mixed with Virgo’s shy nature works well and brings out the best in them in terms of emotional stability, which can keep this relationship steady.

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Libra Compatibility:

The sign of Libra sign seems very dishonest to many people because of their free-flowing nature. And when it comes to libra sun sign compatibility. They tend to live freely and explore as much as they can. As water and earth go hand in hand, Libra’s perfect match can be Sagittarius or Leo, as these signs have a lot of energy that will fuel their bond best and lead them in the right direction.

Scorpio Compatibility:

They are considered very dangerous and evil, but they create a very good bond with almost every partner as they form a strong, trustworthy and loyal bond with any sign. Scorpio signs belong to water signs that form a great bond with the earth signs like Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. Although creating that unbreakable trust and loyalty is altogether a different ball game.

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Sagittarius Compatibility:

Sagittarius belonging to a fire sign are compatible with the same zodiac sign and find the best bonding with them. Also, along with the same sign, they find a great bond with Aries, Libra and Leo. Aries and Leo is the fire sign itself, complementing each other very well, and Libra belonging to the air signs fuel the capabilities of Sagittarius very well, thus forming a great bond with them.

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Capricorn Compatibility:

Capricorns have great command over family, business as well as professional activities and focus intensively on them. Along with the signs of Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio are best suited for them as, like Capricorn, these signs also share the same positioning of planets in their natal chart as well, and this brings out the best compatibility between these signs.

Aquarius Compatibility:

Aquarius is a kind of zodiac sign, and just like Sagittarius, they love to live freely and explore new things in their life. Aquarius being a fire sign, can be complemented by another fire sign or an air sign. Air sign because when fire flows freely along with air, they get more room to spread and explore new and unexplored corners and this fuels their relationship in the best way possible. Therefore, Sagittarius and Aries are best compatible for them.

Pisces Compatibility:

Pisces is a zodiac sign that belongs to a water element, and the signs belonging to water or earth compliments them well. Earth also is a suitable one because of the obvious nature of water and earth as water works as a natural compensatory towards the earth, and therefore their connection is very fruitful for both of them. Therefore Pisces can be concluded that Taurus and Capricorn compliment them the best.

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