108 names of Lord Shiva and it’s Meaning

“Forgive me, Oh Shiva! My three greatest sins! I came on a pilgrimage to Kashi, forgetting that you are omnipresent. Thinking about you, I forgot that You are beyond thought. In praying to you, I forgot that You are beyond words.” said Adi Shankaracharya. In Hindu mythology, there are three main deities. Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (Shiva). They are collectively known as Tridev. The Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the protector, and Shiva is the destroyer.

Shiva means to enlighten; thus, the one who enlightens is Lord Shiva. Also known as Rudra, He is absolute self-radiant. He remains radiant and also illuminates the universe. In the presence of Shiva, fear and negative energies vanish. When Shiva is in bliss, beautiful flowers shower and fragrance spreads. And, no doubt, Chanting 108 names of Lord Mahesha with whole-hearted and devotion will vanish all your crises.

Have you ever noticed or thought about this ‘108’ number? Here you go, the number 108 is considered to be an auspicious one. One of the most important Hindu deities, Lord Shiva, is known by several names. The Shiva Purana, one of the oldest Hindu religious texts dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva, contains 108 Sanskrit names for Lord Shiva, each of which signifies a particular attribute of the Lord.

Benefits of Reading Ashtottara Shatanamavali

  • Help us to get rid of all the troubles
  • Vanishes sorrows
  • To get rid of diseases
  • To get peace in mind
  • Invite fortune and good luck
  • Self-realization
  • Increase consciousness

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What If One Is Not Able To Chant Lord Shiva Names 108 Times?

One can chant the 108 names by using Japa Mala. One should at least complete one mala, specially Rudraksha mala, to get the maximum benefits. You can also decide the numbers for chanting as per your current situation. Chanting should be done with a clean and peaceful mind. Any lapses will not get you desired results. It is not just about speaking or repeating the mantra. Do chant with pure consciousness. Cmon, it’s about Shiva, Lord Shiva. This will enlighten your chakra and take it further in spirituality. If one is not able to chant 108 names, perform the Shiva Panchakshari Mantra.

Particular Time and Way to Read 108 Names of Lord Shiva

One can chant these names anytime with a stable mind. It is best to do it in the morning with clean clothes and a peaceful mind. You can also do abhishekam to Shiva linga by chanting 108 names. This will also be super beneficial. You say Har Har Mahadev… As Shravan month is devoted to Lord Shiva, you can chant these names. Gotcha! You can’t just have this golden opportunity. Else Monday will also be favourable. And chanting on Mahashivratri day is like getting all the good fortunes that one can desire.

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108 Names Lord Shiva & it’s Meaning: Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali

According to Shiv Puran, here is the list of 108 names of Shiva:

1Om Shivaya NamahaObeisances to the Auspicious One
2Om Maheshvaraya NamahaObeisances to the Great God Shiva
3Om Shambhave NamahaThe God who exists for our happiness alone
4Om Pinakine NamahaObeisances to Shiva, who guards the path of dharma
5Om Shashishekharaya NamahaThe God who wears the crescent moon in his hair
6Om Vamadevaya NamahaThe God who is pleasing and auspicious in every way
7Om Virupakshaya NamahaObeisances to the God of spotless form
8Om Kapardine NamahaObeisances to the Lord with thickly matted hair
9Om Nilalohitaya NamahaThe God splendid as the red sun at daybreak
10Om Shankaraya NamahaObeisances to the source of all prosperity
11Om Shulapanaye NamahaObeisances to the God who carries a spear
12Om Khatvangine NamahaObeisances to the God who holds a knurled club
13Om Vishnuvallabhaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva, who is dear to Lord Vishnu
14Om Shipivishtaya NamahaThe Lord whose form emits great rays of light
15Om Ambikanathaya NamahaObeisances to Ambika's Lord
16Om Shrikantaya NamahaObeisances to he whose throat is shining blue
17Om Bhaktavatsalaya NamahaThe Lord who loves His devotees like new born calves
18Om Bhavaya NamahaObeisances to the God who is existence itself
19Om Sarvaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva, who is all
20Om Trilokeshaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva who is the Lord of all the three worlds
21Om Shitakanthaya NamahaObeisances to the primal soul whose throat is deep blue
22Om Shivapriyaya NamahaObeisances to the God who is dear to Shakti
23Om Ugraya NamahaObeisances to Shiva, whose presence is incredible and overwhelming
24Om Kapaline NamahaObeisances to the God whose begging bowl is a human skull
25Om Kamaraye NamahaObeisances to Shiva who conquers all passions
26Om Andhakasura Sudanaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord who killed the asura Andhaka
27Om Gangadharaya NamahaObeisances to the God who holds the Ganges River in his hair
28Om Lalatakshaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord whose sport is a creation
29Om Kalakalaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva who is the death of death
30Om Kripanidhaye NamahaObeisances to the God who is the treasure of compassion
31Om Bhimaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva whose strength is awesome
32Om Parashu Hastaya NamahaObeisances to the God who wields an axe in his hands
33Om Mrigapanayae NamahaThe Lord who looks after the soul in the wilderness
34Om Jatadharaya NamahaShiva, who bears a mass of matted hair
35Om Kailasavasine NamahaObeisances to the God who abides on Mount Kailas
36Om Kavachine NamahaObeisances to the Lord who is wrapped in armour
37Om Kathoraya NamahaObeisances to Shiva, who causes all growth
38Om Tripurantakaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord who destroyed the three demonic cities
39Om Vrishankaya NamahaObeisances to the God whose emblem is a bull
40Om Vrishabharudhaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva, who rides a bull
41Om Bhasmoddhulita Vigrahaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord covered with holy ash
42Om Samapriyaya NamahaObeisances to the God exceedingly fond of hymns from the Sama Veda
43Om Svaramayaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva who creates through sound
44Om Trayimurtaye NamahaObeisances to the Lord who is worshipped in three forms
45Om Anishvaraya NamahaObeisances to the undisputed Lord
46Om Sarvagyaya NamahaObeisances to the God who knows all things
47Om Paramatmane NamahaObeisances to the Supreme Self
48Om Somasuragni Lochanaya NamahaObeisances to the light of the eyes of Soma, Surya, and Agni
49Om Havishe NamahaObeisances to Shiva who receives oblations of ghee
50Om Yagyamayaya NamahaObeisances to the architect of all sacrificial rites
51Om Somaya NamahaObeisances to the Moon-glow of the mystic's vision
52Om Panchavaktraya NamahaObeisances to the God of the five activities
53Om Sadashivaya NamahaThe eternally auspicious benevolent Shiva
54Om Vishveshvaraya NamahaObeisances to the all-pervading ruler of the cosmos
55Om Virabhadraya NamahaObeisances to Shiva, the foremost of heroes
56Om Gananathaya NamahaObeisances to the God of the Ganas
57Om Prajapataye NamahaObeisances to the Creator
58Om Hiranyaretase NamahaObeisances to the God who emanates golden souls
59Om Durdharshaya NamahaObeisances to the unconquerable being
60Om Girishaya NamahaThe monarch of the holy mountain Kailas
61Om Girishaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord of the Himalayas
62Om Anaghaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva who can inspire no fear
63Om Bujangabhushanaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord adorned with golden snakes
64Om Bhargaya NamahaObeisances to the foremost of rishis
65Om Giridhanvane NamahaObeisances to the God whose weapon is a mountain
66Om Giripriyaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord who is fond of mountains
67Om Krittivasase NamahaObeisances to the God who wears clothes of hide
68Om Purarataye NamahaLord who is thoroughly at home in the wilderness
69Om Bhagavate NamahaObeisances to the Lord of prosperity
70Om Pramathadhipaya NamahaObeisances to the God who is served by goblins
71Om Mritunjayaya NamahaObeisances to the conqueror of death
72Om Sukshmatanave NamahaObeisances to the subtlest of the subtle
73Om Jagadvyapine NamahaObeisances to Shiva, who fills the whole world
74Om Jagadgurave NamahaObeisances to the guru of all the worlds
75Om Vyomakeshaya NamahaThe God whose hair is the spreading sky above
76Om Mahasenajanakaya NamahaObeisances to the origin of Mahasena
77Om Charuvikramaya NamahaShiva, the guardian of wandering pilgrims
78Om Rudraya NamahaObeisances to the Lord who is fit to be praised
79Om Bhutapataye NamahaThe source of living creatures, Bhutas, or ghostly creatures
80Om Sthanave NamahaObeisances to the firm and immovable deity
81Om Ahirbudhnyaya NamahaThe Lord who waits for the sleeping kundalini
82Om Digambaraya NamahaObeisances to Shiva, whose robes is the cosmos
83Om Ashtamurtaye NamahaObeisances to the Lord who has eight forms
84Om Anekatmane NamahaObeisances to the God who is the one soul
85Om Satvikaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord of boundless energy
86Om Shuddha Vigrahaya NamahaThe God who is free of all doubt and dissent
87Om Shashvataya NamahaObeisances to Shiva, endless and eternal
88Om Khandaparashave NamahaThe God who cuts through the mind's despair
89Om Ajaya NamahaObeisances to the instigator of all that occur
90Om Papavimochakaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord who releases all fetters
91Om Mridaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord who shows only mercy
92Om Pashupataye NamahaThe ruler of all evolving souls, the animals
93Om Devaya NamahaObeisances to the foremost of devas, demigods
94Om Mahadevaya NamahaObeisances to the greatest of the gods
95Om Avyayaya NamahaObeisances to the one never subject to change
96Om Haraye NamahaObeisances to Shiva who dissolves all bondage
97Om Pashudantabhide NamahaObeisances to the one who punished Pushan
98Om Avyagraya NamahaThe Lord who is steady and unwavering
99Om Dakshadhvaraharaya NamahaThe destroyer of Daksha's conceited sacrifice
100Om Haraya NamahaObeisances to the Lord who withdraws the cosmos
101Om Bhaganetrabhide NamahaShiva who taught Bhaga to see more clearly
102Om Avyaktaya NamahaObeisances to Shiva who is subtle and unseen
103Om Sahasrakshaya NamahaObeisances to the Lord of limitless forms
104Om Sahasrapade NamahaThe God who is standing and walking everywhere
105Om Apavargapradaya NamahaThe Lord who gives and takes all things
106Om Anantaya NamahaObeisances to the God who is unending
107Om Tarakaya NamahaObeisances to the great liberator of humanity
108Om Parameshvaraya NamahaObeisances to the great God

While Chanting Lord Shiva’s Names, know when, how and what things to consider, Talk to expert Astrologers for full guidance!

It is believed that devotees, who read, memorise or chant these 108 auspicious names of Shiva with complete focus, will receive the blessing of Lord Shiva and will be free from all the sins.


Lord Shiva has many forms and names, and every name has its own glory. One gets Goosebumps on while remembering his great deeds. The world looks blurry, and one reaches a state of ultimate peace while chanting Lord Shiva’s 108 names. Also, Shiva will open the door of salvation when you chant 108 names of Shiva. Achieve an enlightening state by chanting Om Namah Shivay and keep your Bhakti (devotion) towards Shiva eternally alive. Stay blessed, as of now, Hari Om!

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