Cosmic Dance Of Shiva

Human existence in the world still feels like a mystery to many experts and scientists. There are a lot of questions that do not have any answers. A theory suggests that our entire universe is a mix of various particles that follow supreme energy rules. In Hinduism, many saints and sages have explained that the world is as simple as it is complex to understand. You have to enlighten yourself to know the real meaning of the universe and its existence.

The cosmic dance of Shiva is called the Tandava. Lord Shiva or Shiva Natraja performs the Tandava to bring energetic vibration to the entire universe. This dance form of Lord Shiva also depicts another famous form of Shiva, Nataraja. The dance of Shiva or Tandava has two different states, and the cosmic dance of the Shiva also defines the true energy of himself as Lord Nataraja, the god of dance.

Forms of the Dance of Shiva - Tandava

Rudra Tandava:

Lord Shiva or Nataraja is one of the three Tridev, Brahma – the creator of the universe, Vishnu – the preserver of the world and Lord Shiva – the destroyer. Rudra Tandava is the cosmic dance of Shiva, and it symbolises the destruction of the world. The destruction doesn’t mean the end of the world. The dance of shiva is the destruction of the evil within us. It also signifies getting out of the cycle of birth and death. Rudra Tandava brings new life after the destruction of evil.

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Ananda Tandava:

This dance of Shiva in the form of his purest existence transforms into Shivam – the Satchidananda state of mind. Unlike Rudra Tandava, the dance of shiva is not associated with the end of the birth and death cycle. The cosmic dance of Shiva or Lord Nataraja is the symbol of overwhelming emotions and happiness. It is the true sense of absolute joy of life that is not touched by the mundane world.

These two forms of the dance of Shiva shows the distinct persona of Lord Shiva or God Natraj. Rudra Tandava is like a fire, and Ananda Tandava is the pure bliss of Shiva’s dance.

Meaning of the Cosmic Dance of Shiva

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Wrapping Up

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