Saints of India

Truth is the eternal driving force of the entire world. It is believed that Humanity has survived so far due to the power of Truth. The great sages and saints of India have set the highest ideals of humanity in this country. These famous Saints of India have played an important role to spread Spiritual awareness.

Saints and Sages have helped people to live better and happy lives. They have realized the true value of Truth and provided appropriate guidance to get rid of worldly sufferings. Well, this country is full of positivity and human welfare for a long time. All ancient Sages and Saints of India say Spiritualism and happiness are the primary sources of human well-being.

Let’s dig deep and know more about these 6 Great Indian Saints:


Vishvamitra has got a very important space in the list of famous Indian Saints. He is the creator of ‘Gayatri Mantra’, one of the most powerful mantras. There is an interesting fact about Vishvamitra, that he was born in a Kshatriya family. He transformed himself to be a ‘BrahmaRishi’, who has realized the supreme self.

Before acquiring the title of ‘BrahmaRishi’, Vishvamitra had to face many obstacles in his life. He practised meditation and harsh penance to achieve the spiritual feat. The life of VIshvamitra is connected to the grand epics of ‘Ramayana and Mahabharata’. The story of Vishvamitra’s relationship with an ‘Apsara’ named Menaka is narrated in the ’Adi Parva’ of Mahabharata. He is no doubt one of the great sages of India.

Some remarkable achievements of this great saint of India include three Mandalas of Rig Veda and Gayatri Mantra. Vishvamitra is also one of the 24 ancient sages of India who has the ability to understand the full meaning of the Gayatri Mantra.


Great Sage Vashishtha was the teacher of Lord Rama. He is another famous saint of India who holds a prominent place in history. Apart from that, Vashishtha is also the teacher of the entire Surya Vansha. He is part of the Saptarishis, the group of 7 great saints of India. Vashishtha is considered to be the first saint of the Vedanta school of Hindu Philosophy by Adi Shankara.

Sage Vashishtha is the author of the seventh Mandala of Rigveda. He is also a contributor for Yoga Vashishtha, Vashishtha Samhita. Yoga Vashishtha is the set of teachings given by the sage himself to Lord Rama.

Many mythological stories are connected with the life of sage Vashishtha. It is believed that divine cow Kamdhenu and her child Nandini was in the possession of sage Vashishtha. There are many stories about the conflicts between Vishvamitra and Vashishtha as well.

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The Great Sage Agastya is also considered to be an avatar form of Lord Shiva. It is believed that he drank the entire ocean to expose the Rakshasas, who were hiding in the depths of the ocean. There is an interesting fact about Agastya that he came into existence without human parents. He was born in a mud pitcher with one of the famous Indian saints, Vashishtha.

Shaivism suggests that he is the first Tamil Siddhar. Also, there are many stories about sage Agastya in Ramayana. He is believed to be the founder of Tamil Grammar known as Agastyam (Agattiyam). Many Hymns, Agastya Samhita and Agastimata are some of his great works. Agastimata talks about gems and diamonds and also has information about jewellery making.


Sage Kashyapa is also one of the great sages in Indian history. He is also one of the Saptarishis. The Atharva Veda suggests that Kashyapa is a great scholar. The great Indian saint is also considered to be the father of Devas (Demigods), Asuras (Demons), Nagas (Snakes), and the entire mankind.

Kashyapa has two wives, Aditi and Diti. Agni and Adityas are the children of Aditi and Daityas (Demons) are the children of Diti. Sage Kashyapa has produced some profound works on Indian Medical Science. His classical work Kashyap Samhita is a great piece of reference book for Ayurveda, especially in paediatrics, gynaecology, and obstetrics.

Ved Vyasa

Ved Vyasa, also known as Maharishi Ved Vyasa is one of the 7 Chiranjeevi (immortals). He is the author of the famous epic Mahabharata, the story of the great war between Kauravas and Pandavas. It is believed that he completed his studies under the guidance of famous Indian sages like Sanaka and Sanananda. He was born in the family of another great saint of India, sage Vashishtha. Also, he is considered to be equally respected as Lord Vishnu, one of the three Tridevas.

Ved Vyasa wrote Brahmasutras and eighteen Puranas. One of the most important works of Ved Vyasa is Bhagvat. It is believed that Devrushi Narad encouraged Vyasa to write Bhagvat as his ultimate goal in life. There is an interesting fact about his famous work Mahabharata. In fact, Mahabharat was recited by Ved Vyasa and Lord Ganesha wrote it. He shines in the list of famous saints of India.


Sage Bhrigu is one of the most charismatic saints of India. It is believed that he is the Manas Putra (mind-born son) of Lord Brahma. He is also considered as Prajapati (Creator) of the universe, as he helped his father Lord Brahma in the creation of the universe. Sage Bhrigu attempted to put his foot on the chest of Lord Vishnu, thus it created a mark on Shri Vishnu’s chest. The mark is also known ad Shrivatsa.

He is considered one of the great saints of India due to his famous work on Astrology, also known as Bhrigu Samhita. The Bhrigu Samhita consists of entire life-predictions of the world. Saint Bhrigu had to collect the whole birth charts of mankind to compile Bhrigu Samhita. It is also considered to be the first book on Astrology.

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People often wonder that are so many saints in India. St Gonsalo Garcia is considered the first saint of India, in Christianity. She is also the first female saint of India. These great sages and saints of India have always followed the path of truth, spirituality, and devotion. With human welfare always on their minds, they have set a new era of their names. India is truly the land of sages and saints who travelled the road less travelled and showed the true characteristic of humanity.

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