The Chariot Tarot Guide – Upright & Reverse

The Chariot Meaning

Are you able to master your feelings and take control of your own life? If yes, then you are in the right place. Jackpot! The Chariot tarot card is number seven in the Main Arcana deck and appears when an individual is willing to win or excel at all cost. However, the Chariot, also known as the Centurion or Victory, is associated with the Cancer zodiac sign.

Since it reflects willpower, victory, and optimistic guidance, you’ll always see the Chariot tarot card in reading when your guides want you to focus on a certain course or purpose.

The Chariot tarot card represents facing challenges and completing your goals by ambition, concentration, and willpower. You will feel empowered, ambitious, and in charge.

This will assist you in reviving a hopeless situation and overcoming any hurdles that could stand in your way.

Only remain focused and trust in your own ability, and you will succeed. The Chariot informs you that victory awaits you and that you are fully in charge of making it happen.

You can achieve your goal through passionate pursuit, whether it be in your work, wealth, love, or another place. You should not be passive; instead, you must take the initiative.

  • Element: Water
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Planet: Moon
  • Date: 21st June to 21st July
  • The Chariot Upright: Success, action, control, willpower, direction, determination
  • Reversed Chariot Tarot: Self-discipline, opposition, lack of direction, Lack of control

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The Chariot Upright

The Chariot card represents willpower, and resilience. With the Lovers card, you learn how to make choices that are in accordance with your beliefs, and you are now acting on those decisions. When the Chariot appears in a Tarot interpretation, see it as a symbol of hope. You’ve determined your priorities and are now channelling your inner motivation with a passion for seeing them through. You will excel if you bring dedication, determination, and willpower to your goals.

Love and Relationships

Now is the time to take the reins and make sure you know just what you want in love and romance. If you’ve decided on your destination, the Chariot tarot love sense prompts you to take action.

When you take care of your romantic life, you will almost definitely enjoy the benefits. Confidence, bravery, and desire can contribute to success. The Chariot tarot love sense may also imply the need to control two desires, illustrated by the two horses in the deck, as you advance toward your goals.

Money & Career

When you have the Chariot in a career tarot lesson, your determination will carry you far. You know your destination and will be really concentrated on getting there if you have a good idea of what you expect for your future.

If there have been some financial impediments to your financial well-being, now may be the time to address them. The Chariot provides you with inspiration, concentration, and resolve to meet the obstacles.


When the Chariot passes by, both wellness and faith readings improve. The biggest lesson from each is that you must take over and make things work.

The charioteer was a warrior who was bold and valiant while marching into battle in ancient times.

When seeking physical, mental, or moral well-being, you must assume the same character. You are your own best fighter!


The Chariot can signify the start of a spiritual path in a spiritual sense. Although this path will not be without obstacles, it is one that you are more than prepared for and will take you to greater things. Keep your concentration, and don’t be afraid to do new things and have new experiences. You will benefit from it.

The Chariot Reversed

When upright, the Chariot represents a green light to continue with a big project and conquer any challenges that may hinder the desired result. As reversed, the Chariot instructs you to ‘back up the tractor’ or, as Aussies mean, “Chuck a U-y” (AKA “make a U-turn”).

The reversed Chariot indicates that you are concentrating your energy and attention on internal processes such as self-discipline, inner resolve, and personal dedication before taking action. You should focus on the intentions that are in alignment with your Higher Self.

Be open to offers of assistance and then express gratitude for what you get, even though it does not quite match your desires. You don’t really have to be the one in charge!

Love & Relationships

Talking about chariot love, the core message of The Chariot reversed is to slow down! If you are in a relationship and things aren’t moving as quickly as you would like, you must be patient and optimistic that things will move in their own time. Forcing stuff may have serious consequences. Similarly, if you are feeling stressed to move your friendship to the next step, don’t give in. Take a look back and think about what you’re prepared for.

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Money & Career

The ambition and determination seen in The Chariot upright remain in The Chariot reversed. When reversed, though, it means that you are attempting to run until you can walk! Take one step at a time toward your goals. Be mindful not to be overly forceful in your approach; it may be ineffective and set you up for failure.

You must take a step back to assess the challenges in your path. Consider taking a gentler approach to meeting your objectives. Financially, you must be cautious not to jump into savings or financial transactions without fully considering them.


The Chariot flipped, like the upright sense, represents a blast of inspiration and vitality in a health context. Just note to take your time and not hurry into stuff. When beginning a new fitness routine, keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race. You could injure yourself if you attempt to do too much too fast!


In a spiritual sense, The Chariot in a reversed position may mean that you are eager to embark on a spiritual path. Just be careful not to get so preoccupied with checking off the boxes of what you hope to encounter on this spiritual journey that you lock yourself off to the unexpected. Sometimes, in spiritual pursuits, the encounters we were not previously conscious of could arise much more satisfying than anything we have wished for.

Overall, victory, conquest, and domination are all portrayed by the Chariot (VII). The seventh Major Arcana card does not guarantee results, but it does ensure that your perseverance and hard work will be rewarded.