The Hierophant Tarot Card Guide – Upright & Reverse

Hierophant Tarot Meaning

The Hierophant tarot card is the muscular version of the High Priestess and its card number is five in the Major Arcana. Taurus rules this card, which is also known as the High Priest or the Pope tarot card. The Hierophant is a symbol of traditional beliefs, reflecting the profound importance of faith and religion in one’s life.

It advises you to stick to the traditional boundaries that are considered the normal process. Rather than being imaginative and breaking rules, you will become acquainted with those customs, values, and structures that have been in place for a long time. So without any ado, lets explore hierophant meaning.

  • Element: Earth
  • Astrological Sign: Taurus
  • Planet: Venus
  • Date: 21st April to 20th May
  • The Hierophant Tarot Card Upright: Morality, ethics, tradition, conformity, Spiritual wisdom
  • The Hierophant Reversed: Freedom, personal beliefs, subversiveness, Rebellion

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The Hierophant Tarot Upright

The Hierophant card reflects a well-established collection of moral principles and beliefs that are often associated with religion and other formal doctrines. Before you may explore your own value structures and make your own decisions (as represented by the following card, the Lovers), the Hierophant advises you to learn the universal concepts from a reliable source.

The appearance of the Hierophant shows that you are adhering to tradition and sticking to a ‘tried and tested’ format. You are not yet ready to take a gamble or suggest new and innovative ideas. Instead, you follow the main beliefs and guidelines that you know would result in a good outcome.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning

The reversed Hierophant, in its most optimistic form, teaches you that you are your own instructor. All of the wisdom you seek comes from within, not from an outside source or force. Instead of blindly following others, you are being led to forge your own path and embrace your own spiritual belief systems.

It may feel unsettling at first as you forge your own course, but you will gradually learn to trust yourself and tap into your inner wisdom. Others may doubt your reasons for moving away from tradition, but you know deep down that now is the time.

The reversed Hierophant urges you to analyze ‘the way we do things around here’ and consider whether it is consistent with your beliefs. You may have been running on autopilot and following the crowd up until now, but you can see that improvements are needed.

The Hierophant as Feelings

Do you want to know how a future partner feels about you? Don’t worry, The Hierophant tells you that they have good intentions, yet they aren’t romantic. If you have a passionate card in your spread, such as The Lovers, they have loving feelings.

Hey guys, hope you understood about hierophant card meaning. Overall, the Hierophant (V), the fifth card of the Major Arcana, often foreshadows a religious rite such as a wedding, baptism, bar mitzvah, or funeral.

It reflects authority, convention, and a devotion to living a strict orthodox lifestyle. It is often referred to as “the Pope” or “the High Priest.”