The Justice Tarot Guide – Upright & Reverse

Justice Tarot Meaning

Has someone betrayed you, or have you wronged someone? Now is the time to make things right, assume responsibility for your actions, and wait for the dust to settle. The sense of card number XI (or sometimes number XIII) is literally “justice.”

Justice is concerned with righting wrongs, receiving what is owed to us, and coping with karmic consequences (both good and bad). It is commonly associated with the justice system, although not all disputes are resolved in court.

Any life lessons were played out in a different arena from the judges and jurors. One of the best things about this card is that it still results in an equal conclusion, levelling the playing field for all involved.

The blade in her other hand represents the ‘swift hand of justice,’ which is ready to rain down on us all if we make the wrong decisions. She is a tangible example of the consequences of our decisions, representing both fair treatment and the rule of law.

This Major Arcana card stresses the importance of committing to truth, achieving equity, and balancing all influences.

  • Element: Air
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Planet: Venus
  • Date: 23rd September to 22nd October
  • Justice Tarot Card Upright: Legal disputes, life lessons, integrity, cause and effect, fairness
  • Justice Reversed Tarot: Deceitful practices, injustice, failure to take responsibility, negative karma

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Justice Tarot Card Upright Meaning

Justice, equity, honesty, and the rule of law are all represented by the Justice card. You are being held liable for your acts and will be judged as such. You have little to be worried about whether you have behaved in compliance with your Higher Self and for the better good of all.

If you haven’t, you will be called on and pressured to take responsibility for your actions. If this makes you nervous, remember that the Justice card isn’t as black and white as you would expect.

Justice is accompanied by kindness and empathy, and while you may have done something you regret, this card shows that you will be handled equally and without prejudice. Prepare to assume responsibility for your decisions and keep yourself responsible for the consequences.

Justice is primarily concerned with the discovery of reality. When you analyse the truth, you will learn that things are not as straightforward as you assumed. Prepare to wade into dark waters and discover what reality is to you.

Be mindful of what you believe to be real, as well as what you believe to be moral and ethical. It can not be as easy as you thought, so be prepared to force yourself and discover new aspects of your belief system.

Justice Reversed Tarot Card

The reversed Justice card indicates that you are aware of having something done, which is not morally correct. Others may not have seen it yet, but you have two options: cover it and hope no one notices, or face up to your actions and take focused steps to solve the problem. Whatever you want, you will have to deal with the consequences on your conscience, so go with your gut feeling.

When you are making a critical decision that will have an effect on others, be mindful of any prejudices or racism that may be swaying your decision unfairly. To make a balanced decision, you may need to gather more facts or shed light on your own personal judgments.

If you are involved in a civil case, you could be concerned with an unequal decision or contest the final judgment, putting the legal procedure into question. There may be procedural complications or something similar that prohibits justice from being done.

Love and Relationship

The Justice tarot card reflects actions and choices in the realm of marriage and relationships. Will you know what you’re worth? It’s never a smart thing to settle for less than you deserve, whether you’re single or married.

Speaking of Justice tarot love, if you’re going through a breakup, a court fight may be on the horizon. It’s difficult to predict when things will (or will not) go your way. Regardless of the result, Justice will embody life lessons that can make you grow to a higher level.

This can involve being single even though someone else is getting engaged or married. Most times, it entails ending a once-loved relationship. Justice tells you to first be true to yourself and then go on.

Money & Career

Have you used the expression “having your only desserts?” This involves actually receiving what you are due.

When it comes to money, the Justice tarot card will bring whatever ‘only desserts’ you may be awaiting, making it a very lucky card in financial readings.

The same can be said about office and relationship drama. Prepare to be officially vindicated if you have been wronged.

Talking about Justice tarot career, in terms of warnings, Justice sends a firm message: do not indulge in any unethical or misleading acts. While fast money schemes are appealing, they often come with karmic consequences. It’s better to avoid them.

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When it comes to wellbeing and faith, this Justice tarot card is pretty simple. Justice is all about finding a happy medium in all aspects of life. ‘Are you taking care of yourself as much as you should?’

The word “self-care” has been so overused that most of us ignore it when we see it. However, taking care of your mind, body, and soul is your most significant responsibility.

Justice Card as Feelings

When you want to hear how someone feels about you, Justice is not the card to use, and it is not a card of thoughts and emotions; it is clear what it is. As a result, Justice predicts that the individual has neutral feelings toward you.

Hey pals, that was a well-detailed write to understand justice card meaning. People who are compassionate will be honoured for their efforts and sacrifices, while those who are unkind will be punished. Balance, honesty, and the unavoidable effects of our decisions are all represented by justice.