Temperance Tarot Guide – Meaning, Upright, Reversed & Love

Temperance Tarot Meaning

Are you someone who has learned the art of maintaining balance at all times? For the vast majority of us, the conclusion is no. It is part of the human condition to seek peace and balance. It will offer a lot of excitement and relaxation when you find it.

The Temperance Tarot may appear in a tarot reading for many purposes, but it most commonly occurs when angel guides need a person to know the following.

When facing difficulties, remember one thing that you are capable of achieving balance. Can you hear that, champ? It would take only three things: courage, persistence, and a strong view of what you truly want.

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Date: 23rd November to 21st December
  • Temperance Tarot Upright: Finding solutions, cooperating with others, moderation, balance
  • Temperance Tarot Reversed: Hastiness, overindulgence, risky behavior, imbalance, discord

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Temperance Tarot Upright

Temperance Tarot is the card that signifies bringing calm, maturity, and moderation into your life. You are being asked to centre your energies and allow the life force to pass into you without opposition. It’s time to reclaim your groove and restore order and harmony to your life.

Finally, this card represents advanced learning. You’re studying a lot right now, and you’re happy with what you’re doing – it’s all coming together nicely. Your inner voice is guiding you in the right direction, and you are patiently listening and following.

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Temperance Tarot Reversed

Temperance in Reverse can indicate a time of self-evaluation during which you may reevaluate your life goals. Internally, you may feel called in one direction, but your everyday life may not reflect this.

Consider this a chance to get your higher frequency into alignment with your outer planet. You may need to make changes to your living situation, relationships, work, and everyday routines in order to cultivate more stability and meaning following your new goals.

Don’t be disappointed if you experience stress or even tension when you align the inner and outer worlds; it’s a normal part of the process of rising to a higher level and bringing about lasting change.

Similarly, the reversed Temperance Tarot can be a call for profound self-healing. By creating more balance and moderation in your life, you open the possibility for such healing to occur. Similarly, the reversed Temperance Tarot Card can be seen as a call to profound self-healing. You can facilitate such healing by practising more harmony and consistency in your life.

Given the reverse of this card, you are doing so intimately and privately, free of outside control. You are aware that you have everything you require to heal yourself and build more ‘flow’ in your life.

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Temperance Tarot Love

Do you want to know if a future partner is interested in you? Temperance foretells pleasant thoughts. However, keep in mind that your boyfriend or girlfriend or future lover does not like drama or outbursts of emotion, so try to keep the feelings in check in front of them. Assure them that a friendship with you would not carry negativity into their existence.

Hey, hey, folks, no more getting solutions served in a sizzler or Chinese plater. Get up & find it by yourself. All the very best!

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