The Ace of Wands Tarot Guide – Upright & Reversed

The Ace of Wands Meaning

A thousand miles, they claim, begin with a single move. A similar message is conveyed by the Ace of Wands tarot deck, which represents a bold turn toward a new beginning. The Ace of Wands, as the card of life, reflects a regeneration that is very different from both your present and your memory.

This Ace, the first card in the Suit of Wands, is full of fire, an imaginative kind that breathes life into objects that did not previously exist. The Ace of Wands, like all aces, conveys a hopeful message about your current and future, symbolising a watershed moment that will transform all – for the better.

Your wish is Ace’s order, just like a genie in a bottle.

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological Sign: Aries
  • Planet: Mars
  • Date: Spring
  • Ace of Wands Yes or No: Yes
  • Ace of Wands Upright: A fresh start, creativity, enthusiasm, brilliant ideas, breakthrough
  • Ace of Wands Reversed: Lack of morals, irrational, abuse of power

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Ace of Wands Tarot Upright

This Wands card, as an Ace, gives you pure promise – this time in the spiritual, energetic zone. Ideas are pouring in, encouraging and empowering you to take a different direction. You are open to potential possibilities that are in alignment with your Higher Selves.

You have a range of options on your side. When you have an opportunity to develop on a personal or spiritual level, the Ace of Wands may appear. You may be interested in taking a workshop or investing in a course to express the artistic side.

You could, for example, sign up for a photography workshop, a Tarot lesson, or a self-improvement program. Trust that this training will introduce you to even more opportunities.

The Ace of Wands Reversed

The Ace of Wands reversed indicates that you can feel an idea forming inside you but are unsure of what shape it will take or how you can manifest it in the universe. You may have a lot of enthusiasm and zeal, but you don’t have a good outlet for it.

You may be waiting for something else to happen before trying this idea. The Ace of Wands reversed may indicate that stressful delays are impeding the progress of your projects and ideas. You are likely to be restless, particularly if you are action-oriented and have just recently begun to gather momentum in your activities.

The main message here is, ‘Not today, but maybe later.’ Timing is all in business, so be careful and wait for the right time to act.

Ace of Wands as Feelings

You’re in luck if you want to see how a future mate feels about you! They will regard you positively and appreciate having you around, according to the Ace of Wands. They find you entertaining to hang out with and enjoy getting to know you – all of the necessary ingredients for a relationship. The Ace of Wands is a good omen for new or existing relations.

Overall, the Ace of Wands represents imagination, bravery, and new beginnings. The most important message of this tarot card is to capture the opportunity — taking risks and can deliver outstanding results.