Queen of Swords Meaning, Love, Upright & Reversed – Complete Guide

When the Queen of Swords Tarot emerges in a reading, it indicates a supportive female that will occur in your life. This girl is going to inspire you and make you see your full potential. How lucky you are! Overall, the Queen of Swords Tarot is powerful, compassionate, empathetic, and willing to take others under her wing. Wonder woman in the house!

You can get her support whenever you are in need. Speaking about the Queen of Swords Love, it’s time to embrace the encouragement and comfort of a woman who loves you. The queen is the ultimate leader in these things, not able to believe? Read the blog…

  • Element: Air
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Planet: Uranus
  • Date: 12th September to 12th October
  • Queen of Swords Upright: Empathetic, protective, independent, supportive
  • Queen of swords Reversed: Harsh, cruel, dangerous, careless, cold-hearted

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Queen of Swords Upright

The Queen of Swords Tarot (Royal Arcana) blends the emotional clarity and analytical strength of the Swords suit with the maturity and receptivity of the Queen. Bow down to the Queen! It is super duper impactful for you as you lead from the head and not the heart. You have built strong boundaries as a determined, independent, and resilient individual.

People don’t mess with you, not because you threaten or wish to harm them, but because you have boundaries of how you want to be handled. Hey, you guys big ethics, don’t you feel the same? For this very reason, many people respect your thoughts and come to you for advice whenever they need clarity in life.

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Queen of Swords Reversed

The Queen of Swords Reversed points out your feelings to give your best when you place your heart in front of your head. Yes, you could be personally invested with a specific problem, and that may cloud the view of the situation at hand.

You need to use your head a little more to grasp what’s going on and read the signals more precisely. Same goes for Queen of Swords Reversed Love.

No need to feel stressed. Take an objective look at what’s going on to decide what to do next. Got that in your mind? At the end of the day, you need to be stronger, more optimistic, and more assertive to be successful.

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Hey folks, this was a very informative ride about the Tarot ‘Queen of Swords Meaning’. This is what you were looking for, isn’t it? Just take advantage of the Queen of Swords Tarot instead of feeling low & just rock the world!

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