North Facing House Vastu Plan – Vastu for North Facing House

North facing houses are considered as the most preferred homes in our country. Kuber, the lord of wealth, is the owner of the North-East direction. This direction is considered auspicious and offers ample opportunities for good luck and wealth. When it comes to choosing the direction for building a house, the North would be the first choice. Though it has been said that north facing direction is not enough for monetary inflow; nor all North facing plots or properties are propitious for everyone. So whenever you buy a property according to the North Facing House Vastu Plan, you need to check out certain factors which make the property favourable for buying.

According to North facing house Vastu, East, North or North-East facing homes are fortunate. The North Facing House are more popular as the North direction is devoted to Kuber, the Lord of wealth and prosperity. Most people are under the impression that any particular direction is good while others are bad. According to Vastu Experts, all directions are auspicious and the placement should be done correctly in order to get the maximum benefits.

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North Facing House Benefits

North Facing House is equally important and beneficial for every person living in the house. Especially kids get more benefits out of it. It has been said that The North Pole releases energy in such a way that North facing houses draw more good energies via the North facing entrance door.

The North symbolizes the water element and the water looks like wealth. House facing the North direction symbolizes that Kuber is the ruler of the North and if you own a house in the North, ensures that you are going to lead a prosperous life.

The North direction is represented by the planet Jupiter. As we know that people living in the house are highly influenced by the energies in the surroundings. Hence, Jupiter or Guru is the source of knowledge and the children residing in the house have the chance to explore new opportunities in their careers and studies.

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North Facing House Vastu Plan

Slopes in the North Facing House

Property with slopes are not considered good as per the North Facing House Vastu Plan. Buying a property that faces the North would be beneficial for you and your family.


Avoid constructing a kitchen in the North-East corner.


Avoid keeping trash and clutter in the North or North-East corner of the house as it adversely affects the financial status and growth of the children.

Greens in a North Facing House

Do not grow trees in the North zone of your house.

Religious Symbols

Religious or sacred symbols like Swastika, Om, and paintings should not be kept scattered.

Electricity Circuit Board

For balancing and equal distribution of energy, the circuit board should be kept in the South-East Zone of the house.

Location of Septic Tanks

Do not opt for a septic tank in the North-East direction of the house.

Bedroom/Toilets in a North-facing home

Avoid the construction of toilets and bathrooms in the North-East region. While the bedroom should be in the South-West zone as per North-West facing house.

Pooja Room

The Northeast location is perfect for Pooja Room and Living room.

Guest Room

The Northeast Direction is perfect for the guest room location.


The Southeast or Northeast Direction is perfect for building a kitchen.

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Placement of Staircase in a North Facing House

With the help of Our Vastu Experts, you can create proper placements of rooms and items as per North facing house Vastu Plan. Here is a few quick fixes that you can look out for your home:

  • Construction of the staircase in the North-facing house may cause financial difficulties. Hence, it is advisable to avoid this zone for placing stairs.
  • According to Vastu Experts, the North East direction is not suitable for constructing stairs as it may lead to nerve-related issues.
  • The South, West, Southeast, Southwest or Northwest direction can be used for placing staircases.
  • The staircase should be constructed in a clockwise direction.

North Facing House and Its effect on Women Living in The Household

Whether the North facing home Vastu provides a good or bad effect, women living in the house get much affected. A professional woman’s success depends on the Vastu Shastra of the house. Therefore, it is necessary to rectify the Vastu Defects for the ultimate success and achievement of goals.

So check the following:

  • Venus is the representative of the Southeast direction and is linked with the woman. If the house is having Vastu Defect, women may face issues in their careers.
  • If the main door or the bedroom entrance opens towards the South-East zone, then proper lighting arrangement is required.
  • Open and wide areas are considered good for women living in the house as it promotes career growth. Any water tank or water source is also good.
  • Damage to the southeast, northwest or west zone can cause health issues or even an unsuccessful career.

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North Facing Properties and Professions

North Facing House properties are somehow related to some professionals. Even some zodiac signs are considered lucky if you opt for a North Facing House Vastu Plan. Those who are into business or professions related to finance, accounts, banking and investment, stock market and trading may opt for the North-facing properties which might be suitable for their growth in their workplace. This property might be suitable for astrologers, tour and travel agents, the hospitality sector, and communication and e-service providers.

Moreover, these zodiac signs including Cancer (Karka), Scorpio (Vrishchik) or Pisces (Meen) will also find north-facing properties perfect.

North Facing House Vastu Plan and Senior Citizens

The North, East and South-East zones are ideal for senior citizens. They can spend their time in spiritual and religious work in this zone. If the senior citizens are retired they can occupy the South-West or South facing zone.

Things to Avoid while Buying a North Facing House

There are certain things that you should remember while purchasing a plot of North-facing property.

  • Avoid the construction of the main entrance in the northwest direction.
  • According to North Facing House Vastu, there should be no placement of toilets, bedrooms, or kitchens in the northeast corner.
  • Do not let wastewater channels be placed in the South or North.
  • Do not buy a north-facing property without consulting Vastu Expert.
  • Do not place the door in the sixth pada.
  • Avoid the placement of the garden and nursery in the northwest direction.
  • Avoid the placement of underground tanks in the northwest.
  • Avoid painting the house with red or maroon colour.
  • The North, North-East or East direction are not suitable for placing septic tanks.
  • No mirrors should be placed in the south or southeast corner of the home.

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North Facing House Vastu Plan FAQs

Is the North Facing House Good?

Yes, buying the North Facing House is considered auspicious in terms of Vastu Shastra. As per North facing house Vastu Plan, this direction is more favourable than any other direction.

What are the Benefits of a North Facing House?

North has a special significance in Vastu Shatra. Kuber, the lord of wealth is the ruler of this direction. Hence, a North Facing House Vastu Plan has been found to be better than other directions.

What Does a North- facing House mean?

The term is simple. The North Facing House is if we walk in the north direction, while stepping out of the home by the main door or entrance, then the property is known as for North Facing Property.

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