North Facing House Vastu Plan - Vastu for North Facing House

North Facing House Vastu Plan – Vastu for North Facing House

North facing houses are considered as the most preferred homes in our country. Kuber, the lord of wealth, is the owner of the North-East direction. This direction is considered auspicious and offers ample opportunities for good luck and wealth. When it comes to choosing the direction for building a house, the North would be the first choice. Though it has been said that north facing direction is not enough for monetary inflow; nor all North facing plots or properties are propitious for everyone. So whenever you buy a property according to the North Facing House Vastu Plan, you need to check out certain factors which make the property favourable for buying.

According to North facing house Vastu, East, North or North-East facing homes are fortunate. The North Facing House are more popular as the North direction is devoted to Kuber, the Lord of wealth and prosperity. Most people are under the impression that any particular direction is good while others are bad. According to Vastu Experts, all directions are auspicious and the placement should be done correctly in order to get the maximum benefits.

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North Facing House Benefits

North Facing House Vastu Plan

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North Facing House Vastu Plan and Senior Citizens

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North Facing House Vastu Plan FAQs

Is the North Facing House Good?

Yes, buying the North Facing House is considered auspicious in terms of Vastu Shastra. As per North facing house Vastu Plan, this direction is more favourable than any other direction.

What are the Benefits of a North Facing House?

North has a special significance in Vastu Shatra. Kuber, the lord of wealth is the ruler of this direction. Hence, a North Facing House Vastu Plan has been found to be better than other directions.

What Does a North- facing House mean?

The term is simple. The North Facing House is if we walk in the north direction, while stepping out of the home by the main door or entrance, then the property is known as for North Facing Property.

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