Vastu Tips for Home Construction & Vastu Tips for New House/Property

Why People Organize Vastu for Their New Property?

Vastu Shastra Property works on the old theories of Indian science, which gives us the idea of planning. It connects an individual’s well-being and bliss directly with formats and the development of a structure.

In many metropolitan zones, there is a shortage of land or apartments. Apartments are efficient and have some additional advantages like security, normal entertainment communities, shopping territory and much more.

Therefore, many people go for the acquisition of flats or apartments instead of building a new house in metropolitan regions.

The theories of Vastu is difficult to understand, but they can give you desired results if you follow the rules and condition of Vastu. Fastidiously in the determination of plot and development of structures.

One must be aware of its new site, which has to be a square or in a square shape. If so, the southwest corner must have 90 degrees. The main door should be on the north, east, or upper east side of the plot. 2 gates are best, one on the east and the other in the north. Notwithstanding this, upper east, southwest or northwest squares are likewise acceptable.

Ground-level should slant towards the upper east, and the southwest levels should be higher than any remaining sides. A drag well ought to be given in the northeast before the development happens. More space should be provided in the east and north contrasted with the west and south of the complex. The kitchen area must be in the southeast or northwest but should never be in the upper east.

Stairs must be positioned in the south, west or southwest and should be kept away from the upper east since the headroom of stairs is higher than southwest, it may not give satisfactory results.

The underground room or space (basement) should be at the northeastern side or eastern part of the complex. Vehicles should be kept in the upper-east basement only. Moreover, the open area should be on the north or south side, which can be utilized for yards and sumps.

One should keep equipment like AC in the southeast direction. But should not keep in the upper East direction under any conditions.
Washbasins or wash areas should be in the north, east or upper-east direction of the lobby.

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What Vastu Tips Offers?

Here is how Vastu Shastra for House and how can earn you profit. below is what you get from the following protocols of Vastu Shastra:

  • Internal acknowledgement
  • Strength
  • Simple to utilize
  • Best utilization of room
  • Great organizing
  • Can improve one’s character
  • Improve relationships with others
  • Utilize this for otherworldly information
  • More noteworthy mental harmony and ability

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How Vastu Tips Plays a Vital Role In Your New Home?

A proposal from Vastu Shastra Home has been given following the experience of Vastu organizers. While going through these proposals, they will presume that the majority of the suggestions are administering good direction and ventilation standards, which are public construction regulations likewise suggested.

Since the standards of Vastu are coming from the Vedic period, to urge individuals to get more advantages from nature, the standards have been related to legendary so individuals will follow them. Numerous models could be referred to show if the standards of Vastu continued in building one’s home or not.

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Bhoomi Poojan Procedure & Benefits

The Vastu Tips for Home Construction, workplace, or business hub should be done with a ground-breaking ceremony, which we usually call ‘Bhoomi Poojan’. Below are the ceremonial procedures of Bhoomi Poojan while constructing a new residential area.

After taking the belonging over the property, develop plants on the land. Now begin the Bhoomi Poojan before you give it for constructing a new building. Trash, hummus, and a wide range of garbage should be removed from the land, including the up base of prickly plants and brambles.

Initialize the setting up of the property during the good time under a lucky group of stars. If you are doing a Bhoomi Poojan, it is advisable to perform on Mondays or Thursdays to give you maximum benefits.

Those who have a pregnant lady in the house (over seven months), should refrain from Bhoomi Poojan for a while. Also, keep Vastu Shastra methods on hold.

One should begin the pooja only when the sun is on the northern side of the equator and only when days are longer than nights. This period will usually be between June 21 to December 20.

All the development work should conclude directly at nightfall. It is imprudent to keep working during the evening. Not just this, qualified specialists are likewise needed to chip away at the undertaking.

Those who want to get rid of the structural materials should be done in the Southwest corner of the property. The situation should be with the end goal that it is, in any event, a meter away from the property limit. Gatekeepers ought to be put in the southeast corner to guarantee risk away from hoodlums.

Vastu Shastra suggests reusing old development materials to construct another house or building is thoroughly out of concern. Old materials should not be used, and they should be sold. The cash recovered from the old materials can be utilized to purchase new materials.

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How Vastu Tips Works for Constructing Well or Water Source?

If you are building another house with the underlying development of a well/water source, then Vastu Shastra for Property must be done. As per Vastu Tips House for the good position, the vibes go great when the well is burrowed on the North or Northeast side of the property. To find the best site to burrow the well, you should draw a line from the Southeast corner to the Northeast corner and imprint your well to one side or left of the line; ensure not over it.

The following are the Vastu Tips for construction of the Well:

  • To ensure that the water got from the well is unadulterated, a prophetic ceremony should be performed on schedule; discussing the right time-a descending confronting star grouping is the most blessed time of all.
  • Wells on a traditional and pragmatic ought to be round fit as a fiddle.
  • According to Vastu for Well, It is found either on the Southeast corner or Northeast corner, whereas in any event 5 hours of daylight is newly obtained.
  • Vastu Shastra suggests that significantly, wells are not encouraged to serve two properties all at once.

Vastu Tips for Compound Wall

The compound dividers and doors are two significant factors when the development of the house or building is in progress. Positive groups of stars additionally impact them during the genuine development of these dividers. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday are considered as the favourable days of the start for the development. Likewise, the side in the first place ought to be southwest.

According to the standards of compound divider Vastu, the most extreme stature of compound divider ought not to be higher than the house to be assembled. Consistency shouldn’t be kept up in the stature of these dividers; a decent suggestion by Vastu for limiting the primary entryway is to consistently have the Southwest piece of the divider higher than the rest. Talking exactly, the dividers on the North and East side ought to be more limited by 21 crawls than the divider on the West and South sides.

However, if this is unimaginable, the North and East sides ought to keep up at any rate a brought down the distinction of 3 crawls than the West and South sides. An ideal Vastu Tips for compound divider doors introduces two entryways for the compound, so insidious powers that enter one entrance will be exiting the other door. A brilliant thumb rule and position, according to Vastu Shastra, is to keep away from the Southside as a passage.

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Vastu Tips for Gate In Compound Wall

There are sure hindrances related with the passage at the fundamental entrance. Enrolled underneath are instances of something very similar.

  • Large Tree – This block can make inconveniences the advancement of kids
  • Drain or Ditch – This implies distress and distress
  • Open Well – This is negative since it likens with mental issue
  • Corner of another structure – This also concerns mental turmoil unsteadiness
  • Water channel – Income will be depleted by superfluous costs
  • Straight Street Can abbreviate the life expectancy of occupants
  • Separated house or dividers – This negatively affects success
  • Flight of stairs railings – Often connected with pity
  • Columns – Electric or phone posts can influence the prosperity of Female individuals

Main door Vastu proposes a public street to isolate checks from the property; this will decrease the insufficiencies if it doesn’t go void.

Essentially, as indicated by the Vastu for home passage, if the distance between the deterrent and the house results in a distinction that is double the house’s stature, the insufficiencies will go invalid and leave no impact.

If the tree is evacuated because of its negative results, it ought to be done as such in the period of Magh or Bhadrapada. It is important to request a statement of regret from the tree prior to cutting it. Additionally, it should fall east or north. A pledge ought to be taken to replant a tree, and the promise ought to be regarded within the following three months.

But roses, plants with thistles ought to be kept away from while planting another sapling.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, there is great importance in organizing Vastu Shastra Property as it may help you with lots of positivity, peace, and harmony. Now, you have useful tips in your hand, so whenever you enter your new home or workplace, it may give you positive results. This is how the Vastu Shastra Benefits us when we acquire our dream house or shift to a new residence. If you are still confused about buying a new home, get in touch with our astrologers and get the right advice from them.

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