Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life: Marriage Vastu

Marriage is an important phase of an individual’s life as it connects the two lovely hearts by the thread of love. It is an association of two love birds who agrees to grow old together. It is said that marriages are formed in paradise, but to offer support and trust to your partner won’t be an easy deal. Consequently, dealing with this bond is critical. While there can be a lot of contrasts between them, it is extremely fundamental to comprehend each other regardless of the differentiation.

The confusion becomes not so much convoluted with the mutual relations between the husband and a wife, but somewhat better. However, there are times when a relationship goes through a tough situation, and life appears to be hopeless. Also, this relationship includes two individuals as well as two families too. Consequently, both the husband and the wife need to assume their parts in developing and remaining together, regardless of whether things don’t go as arranged.

On a comparative note, Vastu Shastra Marriage likewise assumes an indispensable part in positively affecting this relationship. Also, assuming legitimate consideration is taken to fabricate a solid relationship utilizing Vastu, the outcomes will be fruitful!

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Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life

A relationship between a husband and a wife is may experience rise and fall with time. It goes through high points and low points and, one can likewise allude to this as a rollercoaster ride in an entertainment mecca. While dealing with your enthusiastic and actual bond is critical, different viewpoints identified with Vastu Tips for marriage likewise significantly impact the relationship.

Below are the Vastu Tips to enjoy a happy married life:

  • It is strongly recommended for married couples to sleep in the South-West or the South direction in the house.
  • Painting your room with light and brilliant tones like white, yellow, pink, light green, light blue, and so on can do something amazing as it can help in giving a mitigating, tranquil and positive climate.
  • It is exhorted for both the husband and the wife to rest on one double bed and utilize a solitary sleeping cushion for the same. Resting along with isolated sleeping beds put together and blankets may help in removing differences between the couple.
  • Also utilizing a wooden bed may likewise help in heading out from the cynicism in a relationship and shaping hopeful vibrations in the house.
  • Couples ought to have icons of adoring birds, pigeons or hares in their room.
  • One can keep a picture of Radha and Krishna who are adored as the most heartfelt couple.
  • Photos of any dead person should not be kept in a couple’s room.
  • The wife should consistently sleep on the left half of the husband for an agreeable and adoring relationship.
  • Photographs of couples should be hung in the west direction.
  • couples should utilize fragrant and red/pink/pastel shade candles, plants, pink rose precious stones and so on to enrich the room causing the couple’s room to pull in certain energy.
  • Broad utilization of electrical contraptions ought to stay away from in the room as they divert connections by making pressure and strain.
  • If there is a mirror in the room, it should be covered up and its openness ought to stay away from while romancing or communicating love.
  • Ensure that you wind up purchasing a square or square shape bed whose proportion of length and broadness is 1:2.
  • Putting new flowers in the room and changing them routinely can spread an ardent and enthusiastic vibe in the relationship.
  • Continuously sleep toward the path wherein the head is pointed towards the South direction and the legs in pointed towards the North.
  • One should hang pictures of scenes and beautiful excellence or a youth image of Lord Krishna to spread positive vibes inside the room.
  • Moreover, ensure that the North-East piece of the house is perfect, slick, clean and mess-free for others, or else it might lead to intricacies in the relationship.
  • Monetary strength is needed for a relationship to flourish. Subsequently, keeping your cash and jewellery in the Northern or Eastern space of the house is essential.

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This is how you may develop a lovely atmosphere in your home. An air will prompt a glad mentality, eventually prompting continuous trade of considerations.

Dos and Don'ts for Husband & Wife in Married Life

Love and trust are two pillars of the love relationship between a wife and a husband as it is very delicate. It is driven by a lot of feelings and assumptions, it gets obligatory to ensure that all the important advances are required to decorate and adjust this affiliation.

Some issues must be considered while managing a relationship like this which includes a particularly passionate holding. Below are the dos and don’ts:

  • Married couples should avoid resting in the South-East or the North-East direction.
  • One should not set up a kitchen in the North-East direction as it shapes a vital piece of the house.
  • Refrain from putting any prickly plant or a bonsai plant in the room.
  • Cease from utilizing dim tones to paint the dividers of the room.
  • You should not utilize metal beds and supplant them with wooden ones. Additionally, abstain from putting away anything under the bed for it might end up being unsafe for the couple’s relationship.
  • Never place the bed under the pillar since it can unfavourably affect your relationship.
  • Another imperative point is to not place the underground tank in the South-West direction as it can contrarily impact the passionate equilibrium of both the husband and the wife.
  • Stay away from artworks that portray or imply war, viciousness or isolation.

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Five Necessary Things to be followed By Couple

The couple who want to achieve their marriage life goals or want to build a loving and long-lasting relationship should follow the below 5 things. By doing this, you may build strong and happy married life.

Love & Commitment

The most important things in a relationship are to offer love and commitment to your life partner. It is undeniably more than a passing feeling as depicted on TV or in romantic books. Emotions go back and forth. However, a genuine choice to be submitted keeps going forever and that is the thing that characterizes sound relationships.

Physical Affectionate

Intimacy in marriage incorporates something other than our bodies. It combines our eyes, psyche, heart to one soul. When we give our minds to sexual dreams about someone else, we penance sexual reliability to our mate. When we offer snapshots of passionate affections to another, we penance sexual unwaveringly to our life partner.


Tolerance and absolution will consistently play their part in a marriage relationship. Fruitful marriages are those whose accomplices figure out how to show ceaseless persistence and pardoning to their accomplice. They unassumingly confess their deficiencies and don’t anticipate flawlessness from their accomplice. They don’t raise past blunders with an end goal to hold their accomplice prisoner.

Time And Space

A relationship doesn’t work unless you provide enough time and space to your partner. And you should expect the same from him or her. Any effective relationship requires purposeful, quality time together. Also, quality time infrequently happens when the amount of time is missing. Therefore, you must offer such things to live a happy married life.

Mutual Understandings

The strength of marriage bondings on how much the couple tries to understand each other in their relationship. Similarly, they share their thoughts to make important decisions in their life. They likewise impart trusts, dreams, fears, and nerves. If they fail to do so, they may create huge gaps in their relationship. As a result, it would be hard to form a long-term relationship. So, a couple must rely on proper understandings.

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Ultimately, It can be said that Vastu Tips are essential in building a happy married life. Also, it may help you to accomplish your marriage life goals. The Vastu Tips may inspire a couple to set new goals in their life as well. So, from now onwards, we are sure you may not forget to make use of these Vastu Tips. Moreover, those who are about to get married should also follow these guidelines to kick-start their marriage life journey on a positive note.

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