Vastu Tips for Selling Property – Vastu Tips for Selling House

If you have plans to put your house on sale, there is no doubt that you would like to sell it fast and at the maximum price. Many home buyers will come and review the property before you fix the deal that suits both parties. This is quite a prolonged and tiring process as the buyer would be looking for resale properties, and yours might be the only one the buyer has his eyes on. Hence, grabbing the attention of the buyer towards the property should be the primary objective. Most of the time, it becomes challenging to sell the property as per your demand.

Though, there might be several reasons which affect the process of selling the property. Hence, it becomes essential to work out the things which can help you in meeting your requirements. The location of your house is well equipped with day-to-day modern amenities that might help you in selling your home. According to Vastu Tips for Selling Property, there are specific remedies that can help you Sell your House or Property as per your choice.

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Vastu Tips for Selling Property

Look for the Right Broker
Choose the right property dealer for selling your home. Instead of hiring the first broker, look for other options too. You can check out other brokers for your home. They can assist you and show you the right deal as per your need. Ask them to show some properties that have sold their agency has sold. Check out their old clients and the properties they deal in. make sure that the broker you choose should be registered and maintain a property portal.

The Exterior of Your House
The exterior of the house should be appealing as it draws the attention of the buyers. The surface of the house should be well decorated. The beautiful colours, clean ground and manicured lawn are the exclusive features that add beauty to your home. Arranging green plants outside your house will give you an exquisite look.

The House Should Be Clean and Shiny
A shiny and clean surrounding speaks about the care and upkeep of the house. The house should be free from dust. The doors, windows, table surface and other furniture should be sparkling clean. Mirrors, faucets, taps, showers and bathing areas should be unblemished.

Online Registration of Your Property
Register your property on genuine real estate portals like and The procedure is quick, easy and free of cost. Online portals are a huge platform where you have chances to reach potential buyers.

Repairing & Maintenance of the House
The well-maintained outlook and interiors invite the buyers. Replace the cracked tiles, paint the discoloured walls, and repair the crammed drawers and creaking doors. All lights and lamps should be in working condition. There should be no running taps, leaky pipelines, rusted showers and stained floorings.

Clutter-free and tidy House
Get rid of all the junk and scrap from the house. Throw away unnecessary items. Remove broken and waste items. A clutter-free home looks spacious.

Expose the Brighter Area of the House
The house you own might be Vastu-friendly. Exposing the striking portion of the house to the buyer is the perfect mantra to sell a house fast. A stunning view of the lush green garden from the balcony, swimming pool and terrace garden are some of the striking features you can expose before the buyers.

Be Flexible
Most of the time, buyers want to shift in the house before being ready to vacant it. Be supple in this respect if it is required if you have to spend a couple of days in a rented apartment.

Extra Incentive to the Broker
Pay extra incentives to the broker. This will motivate him to look out for the best deal for you.

Click the Pictures of Home from Every Corner
Make sure that every picture you take should be taken from every corner of the house. It would be wise if you hire an expert for this job.

Close the Deal within in Specific Period
Don’t give any reason to buyers to dismiss the deal. It has often been found that sales deals get foiled if the seller is unsystematic and doesn’t proceed quickly. This creates disinterest among buyers, and they tend to lose interest in the property.

Organised Closets and Cabinets
According to Vastu Tips for selling houses, well-arranged closets and dressers look pleasant to the eyes. It also conveys that the house has been well-kept.

Scrutinise the Property as per Buyers Prospective
Imagine yourself as a buyer and look from his perspective. Check out and take a look. Check each room from every corner and understand how a buyer would find it. Rearrange the furniture in the rooms for a perfect look. Do not let go of the deal of your home. Plan precisely. Organise the documents and quote the best price for your property.

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Effects of Planets and Vastu Tips for Selling House

According to Vastu Tips for Selling Property, an individual’s birth chart plays a vital role in deciding the various perspective and possibilities of selling a property. The planetary movements also affect the buying and selling of the house.

Below we have discussed the impact of the planets and the Vastu Remedies on Selling a House.

According to Vastu Tips for selling property, Mars is known as the most specific earthy planet in terms of wealth and property. This planet is connected with land and parcel; hence it is also known as Bhumiputra. If you face problems related to this planet, you should recite “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” 11 times every day and 21 times on Tuesdays. You have to sit in front of the Idol or image of Lord Ganesh and recite the above mantra. This is one of the best mantras to sell a house fast.


Our planets play a vital role in deciding which property or house would be the right choice for us. And the Moon is one among them. It is situated in the 4th house. As per Vastu Tips to Sell House quickly, offer raw milk and perform Abhishek of pure water on Shiv Linga every Monday. This remedy is quite beneficial and works wonders in selling your property.

You can also recite the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” 21 times. Offer raw milk while reciting this mantra. Mediate for a while in Shiv temple for more positive effects.

Rahu and Ketu

These planets are considered natural malefic and affect the selling of the property situated in the 4th house. Offer food and other eatables to the poor and beggars outside the Hanuman temple every Saturday.


Jupiter becomes the most beneficial planet if linked with the 4th house in the individual’s horoscope. This location is fortunate in selling and buying properties as per Vastu Tips for Selling Property. To benefit from this planet, you should perform Abhishek or raw milk and water on Shiv Ling. Another remedy that you can follow is to recite the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” 21 times while offering raw milk.

Thus, now we have come to know what exactly affects the sale of the property and how remedies work as per Vastu Tips for Selling Property. For more, connect with our online Vastu consultants, who will guide you on choosing the right property as per Vastu Tips.

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