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Vastu Direction plays a vital role in the Vastu. While constructing a building or a house, proper knowledge of direction is very important. In ancient times, people used to identify the direction with the help of the shadow of the sun. Nowadays, we use a magnetic compass for checking the direction. The magnetic compass is an instrument used to identify directions. As we know that there are ten directions, but on a magnetic compass, we can see eight directions only. The compass has 360 degrees in total with a radius. Each direction is allotted 45 degrees. According to Varsha Purana, directions were created to measure the position of each thing in the universe. Hence, ten directions were formed, and among them, four directions are the main directions.

These directions are East (Purva), West (Paschim), North (Uttar) and South (Dakshin). These four directions are further extended, namely North-East (Ishaanya), South-East (Aagneya), North-West (Vayavya) and South-East (Nairutyaa) and the rest two are hell and heaven. These ten directions provide exact locations. Each order suggests its nature of itself. Here East (Purva) means grade. West (Paschim) means coming afterwards. North (Uttara) means there is an answer to anything, and South (Dakshin) means slow weakening.

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Importance of Vastu Direction

As we know that there are ten directions among them; four are main directions i.e.

  • East
  • West
  • North
  • South
    And there are four Sub-directions which are given below:
  • North-East (Ishaanya) in the centre of South and East
  • South-East (Agneya) in the centre of South and East
  • South-West(Nairutyaa) in the centre of South and West
  • North-West (Vayaya) is the in the centre of North and West
    According to Vastu Directions, the 9th direction is Space, and the 10th direction is Patal.

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Vastu Direction

North Direction Vastu: Lord Kuber rules the North direction. Kuber is known for its wealth and prosperity. Budha is the planet of this direction. This direction is perfect for those who are looking for richness and growth in career.

Vastu Purusha is the god for the construction of structures and buildings. The Vastu Purush occupies the North direction. This location should always be more uncluttered, attractive, light and less loaded. According to the North Direction Vastu Experts, The North Pole, which is in the North direction, is the hub of positive energy. It provides tremendous positive energy to the whole universe. This energy is vital and is required for every individual in the building structure. The North direction should be kept open and spacious to receive points from the North Pole.

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South Direction Vastu: Most often, people believe that the South direction is not good. But according to Vastu Shastra, the South focus is the powerhouse of energies for the North direction. Too much open space is not required in the South direction, and Yama is the ruler. Open space in South locations creates severe health issues. If you own a house in this direction, be prepared for problems facing injustice and legal matters.

Mangal is the planet in this direction. Financial prospects, business and career, are also affected by the South direction. Places nearby the South are prosperous. Closed and heavy walls in the South protect the members of the house safe.

East Direction Vastu: Lord Indra is the owner of this direction. East direction is considered as the powerful direction because Lord Indra is the owner of this direction. Hence, this direction receives ample rainfall, prosperity, authority and festivity. Sun is the planet of the East direction. As we know that the Sun is a significant source of energy in the Universe. Sun gives growth to life, vegetation and positive energy to the surroundings. Hence, the East can be called the direction of change. Like the North direction, the East is also open, dainty and clean. Heavy walls, improper ventilation via doors and windows can make the lives motionless. Avoid the construction of stairs attached with toilet walls or stores in the east. If the structure has been done, you can consult the Vastu experts to eliminate the Vastu dosh. They will suggest the best Vastu remedies for Vastu dosh.

West Direction Vastu: Lord Varuna owns this direction. West direction provides stability in life. Varun is providing rain, fame and good fortune. Saturn represents the West direction. Too much open space and a big area should be avoided. However, the Sun is the powerhouse of solar energy but cannot be stored in the East if there are open spaces. The energy travels from East to West direction. The lower abdomen, genitals and reproductive organs of the Vaastu Purush have occupied the direction. Do not construct any entrance in this direction as it may cause financial problems.

North-East Vastu: Lord Shiva is the owner of the North-East direction and is symbolised by Brahaspati. This direction is the symbol of prosperity, health and wealth. The planet Brahaspati is known for knowledge, intellectuality and spirituality. This direction is ideal for students. The North-East guidance Vastu is considered a pious and sensitive location. Construction of toilets and bathrooms in this direction is always avoidable. It might cause health issues in the family. If it is a business place or commercial area, then the owner may suffer loss. Do not construct heavy structures like bedrooms, stores and toilets in the North-East direction.

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South-East Vastu: South-East direction, Lord Agnidev owns the god who represents the Fire. Shukra is the representative of this planet. The Sun, known as the Life-Giver, becomes harsh when it reaches the South-East direction. When the Sun comes towards the South-East direction, the Sun seems like a ball of fire. Fire elements rule the South-East zone. Being very strong and persuasive, Fire is surrounded by anti-elements like water and air. So be cautious while you replace a component with the other.

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Vastu Direction and Their Degrees as per Compass

Direction plays a vital role in Vastu Shastra. As we have already read in the article, there are 16 directions, including eight cardinal and 8 Ordinal directions. Given below the names directions along with degrees.

  1. East. (90°)
  2. Eastern Southeast / ESE: 112.5°
  3. Southeast / SE: 135°
  4. Southern Southeast / SSE: 157.5°
  5. South: 180°
  6. Southern Southwest / SSW: 202.5°
  7. Southwest / SW: 225°
  8. Western Southwest / WSW: 247.5°
  9. West: 270°
  10. Western Northwest / WNW: 292.5°
  11. Northwest / NW: 315°
  12. Northern Northwest / NNW: 337.5°
  13. North: 0° or 360°
  14. Northern Northeast / NNE: 22.5°
  15. Northeast: 45°
  16. Eastern Northeast / ENE: 67.5°

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Why is the South Direction Not Good as per Vastu?

Most people believe that the South direction is not good, but the fact is different. Mangal or Mars represents this direction. The ruler of this direction is Yama, the God of death. As per Vastu Directions, the South is inauspicious as it affects the growth related to finance, career and business. The South direction is the storehouse of energies derived from the North direction. Being owned by Lord Yama, remedies for Vastu Directions can eliminate the evil effects of this direction.

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According to Vastu Consultant, the Southern zone of the house should not be exposed, and any large opening or area should be avoided so that positive energies should remain in the house. Avoid significant glass elevations or clear glass doors in the South zone. The outflow of harsh solar energies might cause laziness and restiveness among the family members.

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Best Remedies for South Direction as per Vastu

Vastu Shastra is all about designing typographical plots, structural infrastructure and layout planning. Most people prefer to buy an East facing house as this direction brings good luck and prosperity. It has been said that South facing houses are not suitable as Lord Yama is the controller of that direction. Here are a few remedies that we can follow to lessen the destructive effects of the South direction as per Vastu Directions.

  • The central entrance is ideal for south facing homes and plots. Opening in the South-West direction as Vastu creates financial problems. The positive energies derived from the North-East direction can outflow the powers if there are exposed areas in the South-West order.
  • Do not construct the Main entrance or door in this direction. Opening in the South-East zone is also not good as this might cause misfortunes, taxation issues and other casualties like fire outbreak.
  • Water borings, underground water tanks, pumps installation should be avoided in the Southern Zone.
  • According to South-East Direction Vastu, this direction is associated with fire element; hence you should use this direction for cooking, keeping generators, electronic devices and equipment.
  • The South-East direction is ideal for constructing a kitchen as the Lord of Fire rules the corner. You can utilise the centre portion of the South as a dining and sitting area.
  • According to South-West Direction Vastu, the construction of master bedrooms is ideal in this direction.
  • Construction of the store in South direct is perfect. You can place heavy objects like furniture and closets in this direction so that energies can be stabilised in this zone. Avoid open spaces such as lawns and gardens.

We can eliminate the evil effects of various directions as per Vastu Shastra. In the above article, we have discussed different Vastu Directions and remedies to avoid Vastu dosh. If you are still curious to know about directions and their effects, please connect with our experts. You can also visit our website for online consultation. Talk to our experts for the best possible solutions.

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