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Vastu Direction plays a vital role in the Vastu. While constructing a building or a house, proper knowledge of direction is very important. In ancient times, people used to identify the direction with the help of the shadow of the sun. Nowadays, we use a magnetic compass for checking the direction. The magnetic compass is an instrument used to identify directions. As we know that there are ten directions, but on a magnetic compass, we can see eight directions only. The compass has 360 degrees in total with a radius. Each direction is allotted 45 degrees. According to Varsha Purana, directions were created to measure the position of each thing in the universe. Hence, ten directions were formed, and among them, four directions are the main directions.

These directions are East (Purva), West(Paschim), North(Uttar) and South (Dakshin). These four directions are further extended, namely North-East (Ishaanya), South-East (Aagneya), North-West (Vayavya) and South-East (Nairutyaa) and the rest two are hell and heaven. These ten directions provide exact locations. Each order suggests its nature of itself. Here East(Purva) means grade. West (Paschim) means coming afterwards. North (Uttara) means there is an answer to anything, and South (Dakshin) means slow weakening.

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Vastu Direction

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