Vastu for Main Door – What Should be Placed in Front of Main Door

According to our experts, building your house according to Vastu Shastra is very important, and similarly, building your main entrance door Vastu is also very important.

But what makes it so Important?

The main entrance door Vastu is the most powerful and pivotal part of the house because it allows in and out different kinds of vibes and cosmic energy with people. It’s like entering an inner world (house) from the outside world, which also carries a lot of vibrations with it.

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Vastu for Main Door Dos

Vastu for Main Door Don’ts

Vastu for Main Door Entrance

House Main Door Locations and Vastu Tips

The main entrance Vastu of a house can be a big subject in and of itself.

Since there are so many potential entrances, it’s important to be careful when deciding where to put the house’s main entrance.

Main door Vastu for NORTH facing house

If you live in a house that faces North, your main entrance is also facing North.

As we all know, Lord Kuber—the giver of wealth and riches—resides in the north. This is why most people consider houses with a north-facing aspect to be the luckiest.

In the direction of the north, there are eight energy fields. Just four of these are auspicious and must be selected when building the main entrance door as per Vastu.

Main door Vastu for EAST facing house

According to Vastu, a main door in the east is also very auspicious.

In the case of East-facing houses, it may offer positive or negative results depending on its placement.

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When finding a main door in the East direction according to Vastu, all energy fields stretching from the Northeast to the Southeast are taken into consideration.

The way there are eight energy fields in the North, similarly, there are eight energy fields in the East where the main door can be found.

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Vastu for Main Door Tips

Main Entrance Door as per Vastu: Doorway

The main entrance to a house, according to Vastu Shastra, is not only the entry point for the family, but also for energy.

The main door, which is known as the “archway to victory and success in life,” should face North, East, or North-East.

It must be designed in such a way that when you move out, you face North, East, or North-East.

Entrance & Vastu for Main Door Tips: What to Do

Entrance & Vastu for Main Door Tips: What to Avoid

Vastu for Main Door FAQs

What Should be Placed in Front of the Main Door?

Positive energy is attracted to a clean house, particularly the main entrance.
Keep dustbins, broken chairs, and stools away from the main entrance.

A threshold (marble or wood) should always be present on the main door, as it is believed to absorb negative energy and allow only positive energy to pass through.

Decorate the main entrance Vastu door with divine symbols such as Om, swastika, cross, and rangolis, which are considered auspicious and bring good fortune.

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How many Entrances Should a House have?

The main door of the home should be the largest door of the home and should be located in the North, East, or North-East direction, according to the door Vastu for flats.

Within, a two-shuttered door is considered auspicious. Even numbers are associated with positivity. According to Vastu experts, the number of doors and windows in a home should always be even and in multiples of two, such as two, four, or six.

How Many Steps Should be there for the Main Door?

Vastu specifies that there should be an odd number of steps.

The numbers 9, 11, 15, and 21 are thought to be the luckiest for a home.

According to some experts, the Vastu for main entrance steps does not end in a zero, which can be easily avoided by using odd numbers.

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